The benefits of air controlled storage

In the UK and Ireland, industries that store sensitive goods must meet an increasing range of quality requirements, to ensure the safety and protection of inventory.

The ever expanding electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries often require environments that will accommodate delicate products. Across the globe we’ve noticed a trend for controlled storage conditions. Hänel offer a range of automated storage solutions that are suitable for items that must be kept in air-controlled environments.

CleanStore – particle controlled clean rooms

Designed specifically for the Hänel Rotomat, CleanStore technology is a space saving solution predominantly used in medical engineering and electronics.

Combining a filter system with double wall technology, the CleanStore application provides a high level of air cleanliness. Air conditions can be installed as an additional feature.

Benefits +

  • Clean room class 5 compliant with DIN EN ISO 14644-1.
  • Quick retrieval times.
  • All parts are protected and stored according to defined clean-room guidelines.
  • Long term cost saving.
  • Maximum flexibility due to no structural limitations.
  • Ideal for contamination-sensitive products.
  • Filter Class HEPA H 14.
  • Recording of measured values with data loggers optional.

DryStore – humidity controlled

DryStore is essential for companies holding sensitive and raw components that require a very low humidity storage solution. This application can be installed in most Hänel units and is frequently used in the pharmaceutical and electronics sector. This solution will offer protection from corrosion and aging.

Benefits +

  • Constant atmosphere > 5% relative humidity.
  • Space saving in a dry environment.
  • Simple operation.
  • Protected parts.
  • High economic efficiencies.
  • Traceability guaranteed.
  • Recording of measured values with data loggers options.

ClimateStore – temperature controlled

ClimateStore is the perfect storage solution for chemical industries, pharmacies, medical engineering, and motor manufacturing.

This sophisticated technology is available in the Hänel Rotomat and Hänel Lean-Lift so you can guarantee maximum storage with optimum use of floor space. Products are stored in an enclosed temperature-controlled unit, enhancing security and protection over critical stock.

Benefits +

  • Can be used in different temperature ranges depending on device type: Rotomat from -20˚ to + 60˚C and Lean-Lift from 0˚ to +60˚C.
  • Reliable temperature constancy to ± 1˚C.
  • Short storage and retrieval times.
  • All parts are protected during storage.
  • High economic efficiencies and cost saving.
  • Recording of measured values with data loggers options.

See the storage of sensitive and valuable medication at CSL Behring AG in Bern, Switzerland. The Hänel Rotomat protects items from dust and light, whist keeping the temperature at a constant 20 degrees Celsius.

These effective space saving concepts will securely store vulnerable goods in air-controlled conditions. If you think your business would benefit with any of these applications, contact us and we will set a date for a complimentary site audit.

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