The surge in demand for automation since Covid 19 – by Industore.

As restrictions continue to ease, the so called ‘pingdemic’ is seeing factories and warehouses across the country stutter. Thousands of workers are being forced to isolate by the NHS Covid app, and there’s still a gaping hole in the labour market throughout the country. Ross Powell, Managing Director of Industore Ltd. – the automated storage and retrieval experts – explains how to overcome the problem of the pingdemic and futureproof your business to ensure a more prosperous future.

Managing Director, Ross Powell being interviewed by BBC news

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a huge increase in the implementation of modern data transfer technology, but the importance of staying ahead of the next variant, or the “pingdemic” cannot be overstated. Today it may be a slow-down in vehicle production – but all sectors are now being impacted by a lack of automated inventory control.  This vital tool remains a blind spot for so many companies, and yet is the very lifeblood of the country’s most successful and profitable enterprises.

Ross Powell, Managing Director of Industore
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