Industore and Automated Storage Systems:

Industore is an independent, UK and Ireland business specialising in automated storage and retrieal systems, sometimes referred to as ASRS, or simply automated storage.  We can trace our roots back over fifty-years.  Over this half a century, the name Industore has become synonymous with efficiency, excellence, and true transformation in intralogistics, and more specifically, in the automated storage and retrieval system sector.

For three decades, Industore has partnered with German-Swiss manufacturers Hänel, and has subsequently become the UK and Ireland’s exclusive supplier of their leading Automated Storage Systems – such as the Lean-Lift and Rotomat. These vertical storage systems are widely regarded to be the most robust, reliable and technologically advanced intralogistics solutions on the market today.

Choosing the Right Vertical Storage Solution AS/RS and you image shows an Lean-Lift (VLM) vertical lift module
Hänel Lean-Lift:

Vertical Lift Module (‘VLM’):

  • Superfast Picking: Using the goods to person ‘G2M’ principle, inventory is retrieved in record time
  • Space Optimisation: AS/RS systems have greater storage density than traditional racking – typically saving 80% of your floorspace
  • Improved Accuracy and Error Reduction: Industore’s Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems use pick-to-light technology to minimise picking errors, thereby ensuring precise order fulfilment
Automated Lift System - The Hanel Rotomat, a vertical storage carousel by Industore
Hänel Rotomat:

Automated Storage Carousel:

  • Security: Computer-controlled AS/RS ensures you’ll always know who took what, when and why – with full audit trails
  • Inventory Control: Vertical lift systems provide real-time inventory visibility, reducing stockouts, overstocking, and enhancing order accuracy
  • Safety and Reduced Costs: Automated storage reduces manual labour reliance and provides a safer work environment, delivering items ergonomically, reducing accidents or injuries

Futureproof, flexible, and innovative

Industore’s automated storage systems are futureproof at the point of sale. They are unique, and unlimited variations allow endless possibilities. Our vertical lift modules (VLM) and carousel systems can be used as stand-alone units, or be set up to work simultaneously, perhaps even across several floors with multiple access points – but always on a small footprint. This has been developed through continued innovation, which is a core function of our organisation. A number of our expert staff are involved in the expansion of our Excellence in Innovation Programme (EIP), who regularly meet in our dedicated Research and Development Centre in Cardiff. The Programme’s soul responsibility is to develop new technology and new methods of working with a view to improving the products and services provided by Industore. Our solutions are flexible throughout their life-cycle, which means they make light work of expansion and change of use, ensuring your products can grow and change in-line with operational or business transformations.

We are Trusted Partners

We take security, health and safety and management standards seriously. Time and again, Industore has been independently assessed and recognised by the British Standards Institute for the implementation and on-going commitment to the highest possible standards. The ISO is one of the most hard-won and well-regarded accolades in the world, Industore’s repeated renewal of these accolades act as a reassurance to clients and partners alike: Industore is committed to upholding the very highest of standards.

“Attaining certification requires a comprehensive audit of all processes, people and technology. This means that clients – current and future – can be assured that Industore’s commitment to the highest possible standards of management and security is enduring.” Ross Powell, Managing Director at Industore on security and management.

Ross-Powell, Managing Director, Industore.

Meet our project management team

Industore Richard-H-Powell-Chairman

Working with Hänel

Industore opted to partner with Hänel, because they offered and continue to offer the best-in-class automated storage systems (AS/RS) in the world.  For three decades, the collaboration between Industore and Hänel has made major contributions to the development of automated storage and materials handling through many inventions and patents.

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