Industore boasts two ASRS demo centres – in Cardiff and Dublin.  We like to bring our potential and existing clients to our these centres, so that they can see up close and personal, our latest machines and technologies in action.

Our centres are constantly being updated with the latest automated storage system machinery and technology, developed by renowned German-Swiss manufacturer, Hänel GmbH.   Here, we get the best possible opportunity to discuss the intricacies of your business and get across to you how we believe our experience, hardware and software, such as our WMS and integration capacity can improve…not just your day-to-day, but your business holistically, leapfrogging you into the future – and empowering you to become the most efficient, profitable and futureproof version of yourselves.

Industore Demo Centres: Cardiff and Dublin

Our first demo centre opened in 2016, in Cardiff – since then, the popularity of the centre has seen us open another – in Dublin.

warehouse storage solutions demoed in Cardiff
Automated storage systems: Cardiff Demo Centre
Demo presentation of vertical automated solutions in Cardiff
Industore's expanding automated storage/retrieval systems team
ASRS and WMS in action, in our Cardiff demo centre
ASRS Ireland: Automated storage systems in our Dublin Demo Centre
Dublin's ASRS demo centre
AS/RS demonstration centre in Ireland
storage retrieval system in Industore's demo centre

Visiting one of our Demo Centres, whether in Cardiff, or Dublin, will give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with our AS/RS machines and our staff.  We’re a family business at heart, and although our business has grown and developed a lot in the last half-century, our dedication to our clients has not.  Not only does a demo centre visit allow you to witness first-hand the capabilities, features and benefits of our automated storage systems, but it gives you a brilliant opportunity to meet your best-fit project manager, and see how our operations work – meeting the staff behind the company.

Arrange your demo centre visit

If you’re interested in exploring the future of your operation, or you’re curious to see if you can introduce automated storage solutions to your workplace, our demo centres in Cardiff and Dublin are a great place to start.

ASRS Demo Centers in Cardiff and Dublin

Demo Centre FAQ:

Both Cardiff and Dublin Centres are conveniently located near the city centres.  Both sites have our latest solutions, as well as adequate parking and access to excellent rail routes, alternatively, transportation can be arranged – please contact either the office or your project manager to organise this.

Our demo centres are constantly being updated with the latest automated storage systems, technology and WMS software.

At our demo centres, our project managers and industry experts will can give you the best possible overview to demonstrate, in action, our Lean-Lifts (vertical lift module) and Rotomats (automated carousel), as well as our software technology.  Visits allow you to use our machinery for yourselves, and get a comprehensive understanding of how both our products, software and solutions work.

We usually recommend 3-4 hours for a visit.  While you’re here, we’re happy to provide you with lunch, and all the teas and coffees you can drink.

I can't recommend visiting Industore's demo centre enough. There are plenty of companies who can tell you how good their solutions are - Industore were the only ones who could show me how good their automated storage was. Following the demo centre visit, we were convinced that the Lean-Lifts and Industore were the right fit for us - and three-years later, I'm still convinced that I made the right decision.

Gavin Cleverly

Managing Director, Mon Motors

Bringing people to our Demo Centres is a really important part of our process. Allowing clients to see, 'up close and personal' especially our Lean-Lifts and Rotomats, and letting them test the units for themselves is critical to our success. Site-visits to our existing customers is a good way to give potential clients an idea of how their business could operate, but visiting our demo centre allows us to spend several hours discussing exactly what success will look like.

Ross Powell

Managing Director, Industore

The Demo Centres, in both Cardiff and Ireland are vital tools for Industore. Not only are they brilliant as a sales tool, allowing potential and existing clients to see our latest and best technologies and software updates, but they're an ideal environment to train our staff and engineers on developments and system improvements.

Gareth Knight

Operations Director, Industore

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