Choosing the Right Vertical Storage Solution AS/RS and you image shows an Lean-Lift (VLM) vertical lift module
Hänel Lean-Lift ASRS
  • ASRS maximises floor space – regularly saving 80%
  • Dramatically increase staff productivity
  • Increase security and protection over assets
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Hänel Rotomat ASRS
  • Store all your valuable tools and small parts securely
  • Reduce the need for relocation
  • Create efficiencies with streamlined processes
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Why choose Industore?

For a quarter of a century, Industore has been leading the UK and Ireland’s design of logistics and storage spaces, employing ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems) to maximise space and efficiencies through sophisticated design and the world’s leading ASRS technology – designed and manufactured by Hänel GmbH.


% Inventory control


% Floorspace saved


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Featured projects

Industore - Hanel Lean-lift at Interfix


Interfix boast an extensive inventory of over 13,000 product lines – of which the highest valued items, as well as the most picked items, are strategically, and safely stored within our Lean-Lifts – each of which measures six-and-a-half-meters in height, in-line with the facility’s maximum available space

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Industore Case Study Image - Branded Orange and black Rotomat, - View from Access Point

Metal Work UK

whether stock is picked or replened, it’s done so with great ease, safe in the knowledge that we’re using the older products first – which gives us the confidence that we’re always supplying the best quality items. The benefits of our Rotomat are just endless, and far beyond what we set out to achieve.

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Industore-at-NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Thanks to the innovative vision of Head of Warehousing & Logistics, Dave Lightening, this pioneering NHS Trust has now modernised, rationalised and centralised their storage with Industore – implementing six, ten-meter automated storage and retrieval units for fast-moving files.

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De Soutter Medical

Founded in 1990, De Soutter Medical is a leading manufacturer of powered surgical instruments. For more than three decades, this trendsetting business has specialised in the development, production, and worldwide distribution of surgical devices for procedures around the world. The Buckinghamshire headquartered company now manufactures and exports over 800 products…

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"Careful measurement and analysis of CEJN’s Hereford site allowed me to develop a detailed space plan for my proposal. Following a thorough exploration of a number of viable options, I finally came to the conclusion that a 5m tall Hänel Lean-Lift, comprised of 47 shelves would enable CEJN to store all their existing small, fast-moving parts into just a 7m2 space, and even allow them to future-proof their investment, with additional room inside the lift for future expansion plans which were in the pipeline."

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