At a time when space is at a premium, waiting times for ambulances are at their highest in living memory and staffing issues continue to plague the NHS, investment in productivity-boosting, space-saving technology in the health service is nothing less than critical.

More Space:

Our automated storage and retrieval units are hugely space-saving, as they densely store inventory, vertically, and to the full height of your facility.  These smart units compress your stock into a very small footprint, and have been adopted by hospitals all over the world – storing patient records, x-rays, lab samples, pharmacy items and even bedding.  Our Rotomats and Lean-Lifts have revolutionised storage areas across hospitals –  from operating rooms housing sterile supplies to offices holding documentation.  Our storage units typically condense 80% of your stock into 20% of your space – freeing up huge volumes of new space for potential repurposing – potentially into additional operating theatres, meeting rooms or other, patient areas


Increased Accuracy:

Industore’s inventory management system allows hospital staff and administrators to track the use and availability of surgical instruments and sterile supplies.  Our inventory management options regularly improve inventory accuracy by over 99%, reducing overstocking, shortages, expired items and eliminating the time and cost of correcting errors.  Constant and full management of inventory control is maintained, and our solutions can be integrated with existing hospital ERP systems, removing the need to teach staff and other operators new software.  If you don’t currently operate a digital inventory control system, we can also supply you with our own.


Greater Productivity:

Thanks to Industore solutions, hospital staff are able to find and prepare more inventory in less time – and with fewer people.  This allows precious labour resources to be redeployed to bottleneck areas within hospitals, boosting productivity – potentially even saving lives. Further productivity benefits are realised as items such as sterile supplies, linens or patient files are accessed from a single location, at an ergonomic height, at pace. This all but eliminates time wasted spent searching for items up and down racking or stock rooms, and ensures the safe storage and retrieval of items, reducing losses and breakages.

Enhanced Security:

Store your valuable inventory within a fully enclosed unit, safe under lock and key (physical or digital), protecting expensive, surgical supplies from unauthorised access and pilferage, as well as dust and dirt.  Our inventory management software allows hospitals to track supplies with a complete audit trail, essentially providing a fingerprint for each transaction with your stores and storage locations.  The system can quickly and clearly recall an inventory manifest, as well as display who removed, which items, in what quantities and when exactly it occurred – ensuring full accountability and safety.


Improved Ergonomics:

All Industore solutions are installed with ergonomics in mind. Both our Rotomats (carousels) and Lean-Lifts (vertical storge units) allow surgical trays, instruments and a whole host of other supplies and documentation to be accessed within the body’s “golden zone” – close to the body, between the waist and mid-chest height.  This exposes workers to the least possible amount of physical stress, and eliminates repetitive bending and extending, as well as stops the slowdown of item gathering and picking at height – which traditionally requires the use of ladders, which are slow, and injury prone.

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