In a strategic move to fortify global partnerships, Ferhan Niepelt, Hänel’s new Sales Director embarked on her global visits to Hänel partner sites, starting with Industore Limited, in Cardiff.

Among other things, Ferhan Niepelt, who has recently joined the Hänel family in the German HQ, is responsible for managing international relationships and facilitating excellent cooperation, cross partnerships. Her visit to Industore’s state-of-the-art Demo Centre in Cardiff, Wales, involved insightful discussions with key Industore staff, building on collaborative efforts between Hänel and Industore.

Ross Powell, Industore’s Managing Director, expressed his enthusiasm for the strengthening of the special relationship:

“It is an honour to be the first partner visit, and we value Ferhan’s input and thoughts, as well as the opportunity to feed into an ambitious, joint vision of success. The future for the partnership is extremely positive, and Ferhan’s experience and enthusiasm for all things Industore and Hänel promises a new level of development and collaboration, ensuring our pursuit of excellence is not only enduring, but accelerating.”

The visit delved into Industore’s history with Hänel, with Ross Powell providing valuable insights and a commentary on successes over the last quarter of a century, and how he believes more could be achieved. Discussions with Gareth Knight, Operations Director, revolved around engineering matters, developments, and industry trends – not only across the UK and in Germany but around the globe. Target markets and strategies were explored with Marketing Manager Jobe Bruzas, leading to an encouraging commitment to strengthened collaboration, cross-boarders.

The Demo Centre served as the perfect backdrop for Ferhan to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Industore exhibits Hänel’s products in the UK and Ireland. The centre is a thriving hub for customers to enhance their knowledge; and regularly hosts training classes for architects, key partners, clients, and staff alike.

Reflecting on the visit, Ferhan Niepelt remarked:

“The collaborative spirit and calibre of work by our partner, Industore, is inspiring. It’s clear that our shared commitment to innovation and excellence will pave the way to a positive and fruitful future. I’m excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents for both companies and look forward enormously to delving further into this most special relationship.”

Interest in automated storage and retrieval systems has spiked in recent years, driven by both disruptive, global events and technological advancements. Europe is increasingly turning to AS/RS for efficiency, cost savings and the futureproofing of its businesses, as companies are increasingly expected to do more with less. Now, perhaps more than ever before, Industore and Hänel will be growingly relied upon to shape the future of industry, driving efficiency and growth. As Hänel and Industore look to the future, this visit will be remembered as a significant one that strengthened ties and acted as the spark signalling an ever stronger and closer relationship.

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