At Industore, we’re privileged to work with some of the largest and most recognised companies in the world. This often means that they are also the most regulated, and most secure.

In order to protect these partners, and indeed all our clients, we take security (both cyber and traditional) very seriously. We are always striving to improve our cyber resilience, to safeguard ourselves, our partners, and our staff.  The significant uptick in digital expansion and ‘working from home’ policies over the last two-years, has meant that now, perhaps more than ever before, the threat to organisations, private or public, has never been greater.  With this in mind, Managing Director Ross Powell is keen to reassure partners that Industore is an organisation with robust, tried and tested procedures, designed to safeguard on-going business operations.

Ross Powell, Managing Director.

Our hard-won ISO accreditations combined with our Cyber Essentials certification is a promise to customers, present and future, that all Industore people, processes and technologies are secure, and that the organisational commitment to excellence in security and operations is enduring. Today, it is incumbent on organisations from all walks of life to ensure they only align themselves with trustworthy, dependable partners who uphold excellence in security and business relations. Protecting ourselves, our staff and our partners with robust policies and procedures will remain an absolute priority at Industore.”

Industore Security - A partner you can rely on

Industore has been independently assessed and recognised by the British Standards Institute for the implementation and on-going commitment to effective quality management system standards.  The ISO is one of the most recognised and revered accolades anywhere in the world, and Industore’s repeated success in attaining this accreditation (and renewal of these and other accolades) should serve as a reassurance that Industore is committed to upholding the very highest of standards across the whole organisation.

Businesses can best protect their interests by exclusively partnering with reliable, respected, and trustworthy organisations, who hold themselves to the highest possible standards.

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