1972 saw the birth of Richard H. Powell and Partners Limited, (the parent company of Industore Limited) a design practice specialising in interior architecture and conventional storage systems. But how did a small Welsh start-up become the UK and Ireland’s leading intralogistics experts and pioneers in the design, supply and installation of automated storage and
retrieval systems (AS/RS)?

RHP worked on numerous, large-scale projects including the first multi-storey building in Wales and the Ministry of Transport. This led to a contract designing and building an entire network of conveyors and vertical lifts carrying sensitive items such as driving licences, tax disks and other documentation – eventually serving the whole of the UK and Ireland.

A lot has changed in 50-years, but our commitment to innovation is enduring:

As computer technology expanded through the 1990s, Managing Director, Richard H Powell saw an opportunity to integrate software into vertical storage systems, allowing greater efficiency and control of physical inventory than ever before. As success continued and the organisation gathered momentum, greater numbers of expert staff were brought into the business, from interior designers to CAD technicians and engineers – combining the experience and knowledge of the original pioneers, to their own, talents and expertise. Eventually, by the mid-1990s, a new entity was born: Industore Limited – bringing along with it an exclusive partnership with renowned German-Swiss manufacturer Hänel GmbH.

Evolving and transforming:

After 50-years of continuous improvement and thousands of applications across the length and breadth of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, Industore is now widely recognised as the name is Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), as well as intralogistics holistically. As the parent organisation enters its second half-century, Industore Limited boasts an enormous and eclectic mix of clients across just about every sector one can think of – from pharmaceutical to automotive, food and beverage to defence.  Sophisticated, computer-controlled storage and retrieval combined with hard-won architectural logic is more important than ever before, as companies and organisations are continually required to achieve more, with less and compete on a global stage.

Industore Limited and Richard H Powell and Partners are extremely proud to be entering our 51st year, and we look forward with the same ambition and aspiration that inspired the beginnings of the company, over half a century ago.

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