An energy-efficient and eco-friendly promise from Industore and Hänel.

In 2008 Hänel developed and launched the Hänel EcoConcept with various features for reducing energy consumption in Hänel storage systems. These systems have been further enhanced over the past 10 years and are in operation at customer sites around the world. The effective energy consumption of automated material and file handling systems has a major impact on operating costs, amortization, and not least on environmental protection.


Demo Centre: Automated storage and retrieval systems in action

Hänel EcoDrive®

The built-in frequency converter converts the kinetic energy of the descending extractor into electrical energy and feeds it back into the electrical supply system. This recovers up to 40% of the energy required by the storage system, depending on the rate of extractor travel.

Hänel EcoLoad®

Continuous monitoring of the load situation in the Rotomat® and adherence to the storage recommendations ensures that balanced load distribution is achieved. As a result, only minimal energy is needed to set the storage system in motion.

Hänel EcoMode®

With this standby technology, all systems that consume energy, even when at standstill, are shut down by the control system in four (energy saving) EcoMode® levels. This minimizes the energy intake of Hänel storage systems when they are idle for extended periods of time.

Both Industore and Hänel are committed to the environment and will continue in our drive to improve our environmental friendliness through innovating eco technologies.

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