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Project Description

Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

Area: Clara, Republic of Ireland.

Application: 1 x Hänel Lean-Lift

Main Benefits: Self-contained cladded building extension to house the Lean-Lift, card scanner for additional security, galvanized coated trays.

Main goal: Increase storage capacity without relocating. Background on company

Project Description:

Industore worked closely with the Nelipak team, an architect and structural engineer, to design and build a cladded extension to house a 9m tall Lean-Lift. The job required a careful “knock-through” to an existing corridor wall at the County Offaly Clara site, in order to access the Lean Lift waist-height delivery window, and ensure that the full walkway space was preserved, as not to interfere with the passage from one side of the facility to the other.

“The existing site had been exhausted of any spare horizontal storage space, and unfortunately, the site didn’t have an enormous vertical head space to work with either. The truth is, the Nelipak team had already made the most of their existing space, in almost every conceivable way, and yet they still needed more room to work and expand into. One option was to make use of footprint located outside the main building – a 15m2 piece of land adjacent to one of the small corridors.”

Trevor Elliott, Sales Director of Ireland

Post Installation:

Despite the complex nature of this project, from site-audit through to planning, construction and Lean Lift installation, the project took just 4 weeks to complete. Fifty-five galvanized storage trays, holding over 1,000 dyes, are now accessible through the Lean-Lifts ergonomically designed access window, in a waterproof, cladded unit attached to the side of the original building. Regular optimisation runs ensure that frequently used trays to move closer to the access point (for the fastest possible retrieval and storing of items), while the rationalization runs of the built-in software ensures that the space within the Lean Lift is always being optimized. Moreover, the integration of barcode scanners and Pick-o-Light technology has improved pick speeds and accuracy, improving efficiency and the bottom line.

Our day-to-day operations were at peak performance, but we recognised the need to expand on our inventory, which meant we had to grow our facility in order to meet our new goals. The prospect of restructuring was an uncomfortable one, given the expensive and disruptive nature of it, so we knew that we had to explore every other avenue before opting for that – and Industore provided us with that avenue. The addition of the external Lean Lift has made an enormous difference to our operations – not only has it provided us with the extra space we desperately needed, but it has also allowed us to improve our security, inventory control and has sped up our processes along the way. Industore has achieved what no one else could and has helped futureproof our business for years to come.

Michael Smyth, Technical Manager, Nelipak.
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Since the delivery of the application nearly a year ago, the Hänel Lean-Lift has operated without skipping a beat. Using just 15m2 square of land adjacent to the existing building, Nelipak has now increased their storage capacity by an enormous 80%.