Hänel Multi-Space®

Intralogistics in a new dimension

Whether it’s a stand-alone solution, or networked with other Multi-Space systems, or used in combination with Hänel Lean-Lifts and Hänel Rotomats –  the Hänel Multi-Space offers another innovative solution for your intralogistics!

With the rollout of the Multi-Space, Hänel optimizes the principle of 3-axis storage systems. In addition to the many benefits of Hänel’s Lean-Lift technology, the Hänel Multi-Space offers maximum flexibility, speed, and space utilisation.

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Maximum flexibility

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Hänel is able to offer a 3-axis storage system that is over 9 m wide. The Hänel Multi-Space can even vary its width and height to meet later needs – a new feature from Hänel! Even the number of access points is variable and can be altered at any time. Along with the different container widths and depths, this results in the most versatile of combination possibilities.

Optimum space utilisation

The variable positioning of the access openings makes optimal integration into already existing storerooms possible. Previously inaccessible areas can be integrated into a storage concept without difficulty. And the Hänel slot profile combined with the Hänel multifunction containers are the ideal prerequisites for compact, height optimised storage.

Time saved

No waiting – one operator can perform order picking at two access points! At units with two access openings, users can retrieve at one and store at the other simultaneously!

The right decision

If you want to improve your intralogistics concept and reduce costs, you should talk to the specialists at Hänel first. They will work with you to develop your own ‘tailor-made intralogistics concept’.

The Hänel Multi-Space offers optimum space utilization, short distances between the access points and many varied combination possibilities.

The new definition of vertical lift technology from Hänel!

The new definition of vertical lift technology from Hänel!

With the Hänel Multi-Space® we offer you a first-class, high-tech system for storage organization and materials handling that saves time, storage space and costs, and enables a much more efficient workflow.

The ergonomic design minimizes the physical strain for employees at work
The cost-effective and efficient solution is revolutionising warehousing and material handling
Committed to environmental protection, Hanel's EcoConcept offer a range of energy efficient solutions;

Hänel Multi-Space: Order picking on 7 floors

The flexible Hänel Multi-Space® provides space saving and height-optimized storage for all kinds of items. Up to 100,000 articles can be stored intelligently thanks to Hänel lift control technology. The desired containers are requested using the control terminals ergonomically mounted at the side of all 6 storage systems.

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The integration of three Hänel Lean-Lift and two Hänel Multi-Space systems reduced the entire storage footprint to just a few square meters, and the retrieval of stored items became much quicker. These optimization measures prevented delays in the material flow and also saved money by reducing the amount of valuable storage space needed. 

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