Allaero Limited is an independent corporate aircraft parts stockist and distributor. Located between London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports, the company delivers high quality aviation products. Its portfolio includes a complete range of aircraft replacement parts, such as engines, auxiliary power units and wing components.

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The investment in Hänel Lean-Lifts allows us to store our inventory safely and ecologically – whilst also enabling us to improve our performance. Furthermore, the space-saving Hänel storage systems have been vital in maintaining our facilities here in Crawley, despite rapid business growth over the past five years.

Fifteen Lean-Lifts & Two Rotomats

Special features:

Extra wide fit system
Extra high access point, with dual retrieval

Allaero completed a six year investment period to create the largest semiautomated warehouse in business aviation. Today, half an acre of business aircraft parts are housed in over 120 metres of secure climate-controlled Hänel automated storage and retrieval systems.

The systems allow access to inventory efficiently and economically. Critical aircraft parts are accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure their clients needs are constantly met. Originally the company relied on a simple pallet storage concept, but after just a few years, Allaero was confronted with a number of issues. Parts retrieval was not ergonomic, and the capacity for storing components of varying sizes and shapes was reaching its limits. The company was in a prime location for their client base and for shipping, but space was quickly running out.

Industore Lean-Lift at Allaero

Today, 15 Hänel Lean-Lifts and 2 Hänel Rotomats are in operation at the company’s site, maximising total building height and utilising valuable floorspace. Employees can now retrieve items accurately and dispatch quicker than ever before. Large components are stored safely and reliably in two Hänel lifts equipped with extra-high access points for ergonomic retrieval. Three of the Lean-Lifts are quipped with EcoDrive which optimises the energy footprint of warehouse operations through intelligent energy recovery.

Recently, Hänel Rotomat carousels were introduced to the environment for fast picking. These systems store a range of very small parts and critical components. A complete inventory list of all the items stored in each lift system can be requested at any time from the control terminal, and employees now have a complete and updated overview of all available stock.

Industore's VLM (vertical lift modules) operating in a manufacturing and distribution setting

Demo Centre: Automated storage and retrieval systems in action
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