Introduction to the company:

CEJN is a leading designer and manufacturer of quick connect couplings. Since 1955, the organisation has upheld a reputation for excellence as they strive to develop innovative technologies and engineered solutions. The now global, household name set up a UK base near Hereford in 2010.

CEJN connecter couplings were sold directly to our customers from the head office and manufacturing facility in Sweden. After Brexit, that was no longer commercially viable, and the only option was to quickly and significantly increase our UK stock and production, in order for us to remain competitive. Instinctively, we thought this would mean relocating and increasing our staffing levels – which would have come with enormous business disruption and cost. Fortunately, one of our partner-sites used Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), and we had seen the success that had brought them. We subsequently got in touch with Industore, who invited us to their Demo Centre in Cardiff, to help us recognise what success could look like.”

John Gardner, General Manager, CEJN UK.

CEJN Lean-Lift

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Project description:

Following a comprehensive site audit and stock analysis of CEJN’s Hereford facility, Regional Sales Manager, Steve Anderson-Tyso developed a space plan and logistics proposal for the client. This was designed to maximise the available space inside the facility, as well as provide CEJN with the best possible layout to improve the manufacturer and distributer’s storage capacity, turnaround time and efficiency. With a wealth of hard-won knowledge gained over a decade in the space and logistics industry, Steve was able to fill CEJN with confidence in his proposal. Bringing General Manager, John Gardner and Business Intelligence Manager, Breanne Stephens to Industore’s Demo Centre, allowed Steve to bring his proposal to life, empowering these key members of staff to quickly understand and share his vision of success.

Careful measurement and analysis of CEJN’s Hereford site allowed me to develop a detailed space plan for my proposal. Following a thorough exploration of a number of viable options, I finally came to the conclusion that a 5m tall Hänel Lean-Lift, comprised of 47 shelves would enable CEJN to store all their existing small, fast-moving parts into just a 7m2 space, and even allow them to future-proof their investment, with additional room inside the lift for future expansion plans which were in the pipeline.

As well as improving the space available for the in-bound stock, increasing stock control was vital to the client, as they had noted that small components placed on the existing racking system were prone to being damaged or lost in the facility. This regularly resulted in a slowing down of the turnaround process and was sometimes responsible for the over ordering of stock – which could prove costly to the business. These sorts of problems are commonplace in warehouses with older styles of storage. It’s the sort of thing our Hänel Lean-Lift systems rectify entirely, as soon as their installed, particularly when partnered with our market-leading software, HänelSoft.


Lean-Lifts naturally increase storage capacity inside a very small footprint, and moreover, ensure that the items are stored neatly and securely. Stock is never hard-to-find or lost, as the technology keeps a constant track of who took what, when. Our pick-to-light facility indicates to the picker exactly where products should be stored or picked from – which I knew would be extremely helpful at CEJN, given that some of their stock can look virtually identical to the human eye.”

Steve Anderson-Tyso, Regional Sales Manager at Industore.


Post installation:

Commended on a seamless install, Industore’s team of engineers constructed the automated storage system in less than 24-hours, which resulted in zero disruption to CJEN’s production and distribution operation. Situated in pride of place inside CEJN’s warehouse, the Hänel Lean-Lift is never more than a few steps from the action inside the warehouse. Regularly picking 50-orders per shift rotation, CEJN has not only significantly improved inventory control, but created a safer environment for their workforce – as all inventory is now delivered to the Lean-Lift operator at an ergonomic height, ensuring no stretching or bending, ever.

HänelSoft Integrations:

CEJN opted to use Industore’s HänelSoft integration, to ensure maximum transparency of their stock. Before the integration, staff relied on manual stock checks, which were time-consuming and prone to human error. By comparison, the sophisticated tray mapping of HänelSoft technology will indicate at all times what stock is healthy, and what stock needs replenishing. Moreover, the software will calculate to the millimetre what space is available on each shelf, not only giving a comprehensive overview of stock at all times, but ensuring the best possible storage location for every item – while also taking into account the client’s FIFO (first in, first out) preference, ensuring older stock is always selected ahead of newer stock. Along the access point, an LED strip has been installed for the addition of pick-to-light; an intelligent feature that simplifies picking and replenishment accuracy tremendously. The MP12N controller will ensure that staff are directed to the correct product or location in the matter of seconds, speeding the retrieval process by an estimated 85%.


Since the Hänel Lean-Lift has been installed, the B2C process has improved enormously, and CEJN has received positive feedback from clients and suppliers on their quick and accurate service. More importantly, a quarter of a million pounds of additional stock is now stored inside the Hereford warehouse, fulfilling the headline requirement of the organisation.

"The service from Industore has been absolutely impeccable. Steve [Anderson-Tyso] spent time with us to understand our business and pinpoint our requirements. There’s no doubt that the Lean-Lift has improved our throughput enormously, and allowed us to provide a faster, more accurate service than ever before. Perhaps more importantly, the service Industore provided us has allowed us to improve our day-to-day operations in ways we hadn’t really accounted or planned for. Our facility has never run as smoothly, nor been as well equipped, and we know 100% of the time exactly what stock we have, and what needs to be replenished. Breakages and losses are a thing of the past. The service, knowledge and expertise of the Industore team has been critical to our success, and has surpassed all of our expectations.”

John Gardner, CEJN UK.

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