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Since its founding in 1974, MPE-Garry has specialized in the development, production and marketing of interconnect systems. Delivering customized high-quality solutions and perfect service are among the company’s top priorities.

Industore MPE-Garry US - Tool Storage

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Secure and systematic storage of stamping and punching tools in the fire-proof Hänel Lean-Lift.

The secure and systematic storage of stamping and punching tools is very important at MPE-Garry. That’s why the company decided to install a fire-proof Hänel Lean-Lift to serve as a central tool depot in the manufacturing area. The lift at MPE-Garry is also protected by extra fire-proof panels to safeguard the company’s valuable tools in case of an emergency.

Two smoke detectors mounted above the access point automatically activate a protective fire curtain in critical situations. This seals off the lift and protects the inventory for up to 60 minutes if a fire breaks out.

Specially designed heavy-duty storage containers ensure safe tool retrieval

The special heavy-duty multifunction containers can handle a payload of more than 820 kg. The flush-mounted container edges allow for secure and ergonomic retrieval of heavy punching tools by using adjustable hydraulic hand trucks. The nubby surface structure of the containers protects the massive tools from scratches, and it also prevents suction between the tools and the flat container surfaces.

Space-saving storage based on precise height measurement of tools

Hänel’s intelligent height sensor system helps employees store items efficiently in order to save space. This system automatically makes sure that the storage space in the lift is optimally utilized.

MPE-Garry relies on the standard Hänel integrated storage management system to keep all tools well-organized. Inventory levels are easily monitored using the Hänel MP-12 N controller. Employees simply enter the item number and the required tool is brought to the access point for retrieval. If an item is removed or returned to the lift system, the employee manually confirms the transaction on the controller unit. The precise inventory control provided by the standard Hänel integrated storage management system is just one distinguishing feature that speaks for the Hänel Lean-Lift.

Industore MPE-Garry US - Tool Storage-

The Hänel Lean-Lift with EcoDrive helps save energy and reduce costs

MPE-Garry also promotes resource-saving production processes. The Hänel Lean-Lift with EcoDrive transforms the kinetic energy of a descending extractor into electrical energy. Thus up to 40% of the energy previously consumed can be regenerated.

The central integration of the Hänel storage solution optimizes tool provisioning processes and supports an ergonomic environment for MPE-Garry employees. The organization of tools in the Hänel Lean-Lift satisfies all requirements in terms of secure, reliable and fire-proof tool storage.

MPE-Garry main benefits:

Space utilisation and storage optimisation
Ecodrive to reduce costs
Safe tool retrieval

Hanel Lean-Lift in operation at MPE-Garry

Industore MPE-Garry US - Tool Storage
Industore MPE-Garry US - Tool Storage
Industore MPE-Garry US - Tool Storage
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