Further growth for Industore in 2017

With space in the UK at a premium, companies have a range of options to consider when trying to maximise space and improve overheads. From traditional bulk storage and mezzanine floors to smaller premises and automated storage, companies must choose the overall solution that will provide the best return on investment, as well as longevity.

2017 has proved to be yet another successful year for Industore. Looking back over the applications implemented this year, for our clients the Lean-Lift system is popular for its flexibility in the variety of different storage options and advanced modules that can be applied; from the ‘Access Code Management’ module which allows operators to monitor user access to products, to ‘Free Space Management’ which enables users to utilise total maximum space. In addition to this, the Rotomat vertical carousel is a popular storage solution for small components and is a perfect application within the healthcare sector where traceability is key, particularly with features such as the ‘barcode cross-check’ module which allows users to scan and record retrieved items.

Our Hänel systems are built and specified around your needs, which we know, come in all shapes and sizes – much like your products. In recent years, with clients needing more bespoke applications, we have implemented storage units that are extra wide, twelve-metres high, have dual access points and LED lighting, and also, solutions that include total warehouse management integration with app and tablet functionality – see Alstom Transport case study here.

Over twenty-one years ago, Industore successfully partnered with Hänel for the UK and Ireland. The systems are manufactured in Germany, transported directly to the client and built and commissioned by our qualified technicians and engineers. See video above of Hänel’s manufacturing process.

Ross Powell, Industore’s Managing Director, recalls the importance of a close supplier relationship; “Hänel GmbH has always been, and still is, dedicated to providing superior automated systems around the world. Much of our business at Industore comes from returning customers who realise quite quickly after implementation, that Hänel systems are much more than just a machine and trust in the reliability and durability. As a team, we’re embracing this level of growth at Industore and will continue investing in our partnership with Hänel”

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