A year of technological change at Industore

As we enter the final chapter of 2018 we reflect on what has been a positive year for technology-driven change at Industore.

Over the past 20 years we have gone from strength to strength, expanding our range of solutions to meet our ever-growing customer requirements, and this year there’s been no slowing down! We’ve added even more to our portfolio, as we continue to ensure our customer’s needs are at the forefront of research and development.

Our first big change this year was to double our in-house software division. With an increase in demand for advanced software support and IT expertise, we needed to offer a strong software team that would support our customers with different levels of warehouse management solutions and enable growth for the future. For those of you who know about Industry 4.0, you will have already heard about the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector and how software integration into almost all areas of the manufacturing process has begun. From product development through to distribution, automation has become so crucial that by preparing for more and more software-driven environments is imperative for Industore.

2018 saw the release of HänelSoft-N, a unique software solution that’s recently been updated with user-functionality at the heart of its development. Perhaps most importantly, it can now be controlled from any device – mobile, tablet, PC – that’s connected to a business network. Complex routines and processes are clearly and concisely visualised and templates, icons and other functionalities, such as the drag and drop function for shelf management, now allow for greater control over storage data. We’ve noticed a big increase recently in the need to control and capture mass quantities of data, so we know these updates are really going to benefit the user. This year we’ve already successfully implemented Hänel’s newest solution into a range of facilities throughout the UK and look forward to many more in 2019.

HänelSoft is a fantastic solution for many clients, but it’s not the only software solution we provide, MPX is an alternative we’ve specialised in for over five years; it’s perfect for customers who process thousands of picks per day and ideal for batch-picking in busy distribution centres. It’s also the software used in our exclusive venture made this year with Warehouse.Space; partnering with the international logistics specialist to deliver a cost effective, traceable and real time distribution solution for e-commerce businesses worldwide. Together we aim to open the UK marketplace to international sellers who want to distribute products to a wider network of customers. Want to know more? Read here.

This year has been massively dominated by new technologies, and by making sure we are futuristic in our offerings, we can stay ahead of the trends being seen in industrial automation. However, it’s not all been about technological advances, operationally we’ve also developed our aftercare division for the better. Our new, dedicated aftercare service now offers updated aftercare plans with a range of enhanced benefits, from our popular refresher training to unlimited telephone support. On top of this, we’ve also expanded our engineering team, to ensure we can offer a level of support that is second to none!

This Summer we also launched our container portal, to ultimately improve the storage management and organisation of your Hänel system. The new portal allows clients to visualise a range of dividers and containers for securing tools, components and stock located on trays in their machine. Options are drawn out for each machine type with tray dimensions utilised perfectly, and with easy-to-use purchase online, clients can expect speedy delivery from our recommended suppliers and partners.

It’s been a productive year for us here at Industore and we’ve made the changes required to support client growth, both now and for the future. We look forward to integrating Hänel automated storage systems into your wider technology strategy for 2019! Find out how our new offerings can support your wider technology strategy by contacting us here.


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