Industore partners with Warehouse.Space

With over 20 years of software and logistics knowledge, we have developed the ultimate distribution partnership, working directly with Warehouse.Space to deliver a cost effective, traceable and real time solution for e-commerce businesses worldwide.

Warehouse.Space is an advanced logistics and e-commerce solution, that allows local business’ to distribute their products cost-effectively to the global marketplace, bringing sellers all over the world closer to their customers.

As the exclusive UK partner and distribution centre for Warehouse.Space, we eliminate the expensive shipping fees businesses incur by sending individual purchases overseas. We securely store your products in our Hänel automated storage and retrieval systems at one of our UK hubs, and distribute locally to your customers.

Using sophisticated Hänel pick-to-light technology and barcode access systems, we will pick, pack and dispatch orders on your behalf, delivering directly to your customers.

The process is simple, when your customer completes an order on your online store, the fulfilment information is automatically sent to the Warehouse.Space logistics platform, which will route the information instantly to the Industore hub closest to your customer’s delivery address. This ultimately results in a lower shipping cost and much faster delivery.

There is no lock in contract or minimum storage requirement; you only pay for the space you use. The space itself is strategically mapped on our Hänel storage trays to use the minimum amount of space required and is based on size and weight. Each tray can hold up to 500 kg of product, and store up to a height of 270 mm; making this an ideal solution for those who need to store a variety of products.

Hänel technology has been utilised at a range of distribution facilities all over the UK, and is already a trusted solution for many established businesses. Utilising the combined experience of Warehouse.Space and Industore, could be the next step towards growth and success for your global e-commerce business.

Interested? Why not Contact us or for more information visit Warehouse.Space.

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