As Christmas approaches, businesses face the same, annual challenges that always strain operational efficiency at this critical, busy time of year. Whether due to increased demand, staffing issues or poor inventory control, Christmas can stretch even the most well-prepared companies beyond their capacities…but could AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval systems) be the answer to the Christmas blues? In keeping with the spirit and tradition of the season, here are Industore’s 12 lessons of AS/RS at Christmas:

1. Strategic Workforce Management:

AS/RS automates storage and retrieval tasks, reducing dependence on the fluctuating, seasonal workforce, and ensuring operational reliability during the shopping rush.

2. Dynamic Space Utilisation:

Optimising spatial resources vertically, automated storage proves indispensable for businesses with limited warehousing capacity or those seeking expansion without costly relocations.

3. Precision in Order Fulfilment:

Integrated technologies like pick-to-light ensure meticulous and error-free order processing, contributing to heightened customer satisfaction through timely and accurate deliveries.

4. Real-Time Inventory Management:

VLM (vertical lift modules) like Industore’s Lean-Lifts offer real-time visibility into stock levels and locations, minimising the risks of stockouts, overstocking, and storage (or additional ordering) of obsolete items.

5. Reduced Reliance on Manual Labour:

Lean-Lifts and Rotomats (automated warehouse carousel) significantly reduce the number of staff required for picking and replenishment tasks, removing the need for seasonal workers.

6. Mitigating Warehouse Theft:

Equipped with real-time monitoring and ERP/WMS integration, ASRS provides added security against pilferage, with PIN access and optional camera integration offering total control.

7. Minimised Training Requirements:

Industore solutions are incredibly intuitive, usually operated independent of pickers/replen workers, via integrated ERP/WMS.  This reduces the need for extensive, expensive training of seasonal staff.

8. Enhanced Throughput:

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems from Industore accelerates order fulfilment, maximising throughput, meeting increased demand during the holiday rush.

9. Minimising Damages and Injuries:

All Industore designs ensure ergonomic delivery of goods to person (‘G2M’), meaning there’s less stretching and reaching – fewer injuries and less opportunity for lost or broken inventory.

10 Uninterrupted Operations Despite absences:

Our vertical storage solutions ensures operations can continue while even operating on a skeleton staff, as the flu season enters its prime, and staff seek to take additional holidays.

11. Accuracy and Customer Satisfaction:

The precision of our technology, hardware and software leads to fewer picking errors, reducing returns and associated costs while enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

12. Scalability for Future Growth:

Our automated storage systems boost warehouse efficiency and are scalable, providing a future-proof solution for businesses looking to expand and adapt to changing demands beyond the holiday season

This Christmas, Industore invites businesses to unwrap the gift of operational excellence. Industore solutions go beyond automation – they address workforce challenges, optimise space, ensure order precision, and promote maximum throughput, to name but a few. Make this Christmas a time for considering the future of your organisation – a future with elevated productivity and lasting growth.

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