The Hänel Rotomat: an automated vertical carousel, which integrates into all types of organisations.

Whether you’re a small office archiving customer files, or a large warehousing facility – storing bulk inventory, our automated vertical carousel will transform your business into the best possible version of itself. Faster, leaner, safer and on a smaller footprint than ever before – thanks to our automated vertical carousel.

Rotomat homescreen vertical storage carousel

Hänel Rotomat

Automated Carousel Lift

Vertical carousel technologies work on a Ferris wheel concept, where requested parts or files return automatically within seconds to the selected access area. The Hänel Rotomat defines flexibility. There are no upper limits and you can achieve multiple access points for warehouse staff located on different floor levels. Staff will no longer need to walk your entire warehouse searching for parts, and forklifts will be no more. For larger operations, several users can activate multiple carousels and process jobs simultaneously.  We will help you to dramatically increase your selection speed, remove picking errors, improve security and efficiency through automated processes.

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Industore's automated storage and retrieval system: Rotomat

Up to 90% more space

Attain optimum use of your warehouse. The Hänel Rotomat, creates up to 90% more storage space, thanks to its elegant, compact design. Not only do you recover your wanted space, but you protect all your valuable components from damage or theft. Our experienced engineers will integrate the machinery into your existing methods of work, creating synergy with your IT systems. Expect high performance controllers with advanced software solutions to match, and witness your warehouse transform into a sophisticated operation.

Reduce costs and grow

Industore is a growth enabler. We future-proof your storage systems ensuring your costly space is utilised effectively and any relocation expenses are avoided. During periods of exceptional growth, Industore can integrate extra carousels into your business, to support rather than restrict you.  The Rotomat is more than just a machine, it’s an innovative workplace solution. But don’t take our word for it, get in touch, and arrange a real-world site visit at one of our existing client sites.

Hänel Rotomat Gallery

Rotomats at St Vincent's Private Hospital
Industore: Hanel Rotomats in a Hospital
Hänel Rotomat at Altus Group


Automated storage and retrieval systems are found predominantly in medical, pharmaceutical and electrical engineer­ing settings, but in the last 27-years, Industore has introduced Lean-Lifts into just about every sector you can think of, including automotive, aircraft, food and beverage, document storage and many, many more.

Storage carriers

At Industore, our project managers will find out exactly what you’ll be storing and will customise the interior fittings of the machine accordingly. From multiple carriers with slotted holes and movable dividers, to carriers with adjustable front walls, you’ll receive a truly custom-made solution for your individual demands.

The size and weight of your stored goods will determine the mechanical parts and carrier sets and will be adapted effortlessly to your future needs and growing product range, whilst still achieving maximum efficiency of total storage volume.

The benefits of Hänel carriers:

  • High load-bearing weight capacity up to 750kg per carrier
  • Proven long lifecycle
  • Optional intermediate shelves and dividers possible

We also provide a wide range of accessories for your carriers, including:

  • plastic containers
  • tool inserts
  • moulded trays for small parts
  • special holders for cable drums
  • printing rollers
  • rods and tubes

Twin motor design

Designed with German engineering excellence, these vertical carousel systems are equipped with powerful twin motors which;

  • guarantees a more robust performance with discreet retrievals
  • controls in sync simultaneously
  • moves the carriers towards the access area super efficiently and quickly

This special motor design provides you with further benefits by ensuring optimal balance if the stored items loaded on the carriers are distributed unevenly.

Access points

  • The ergonomic work counter enables users to pick, put and slide storage containers with ease
  • The work counter for picking and returning stored items in the Rotomat is extremely durable
  • The LED display integrates elegantly into the work counter as an indicator of each storage compartment, ensuring error-free retrieval
  • Behind this counter is the Hänel safety threshold which allows correct level access to the goods whilst ensuring overall protection

Lockable sliding doors

  • For businesses needing to protect high valuable tools, components and stock, the Rotomat is fitted with a lockable sliding door which protects all goods from dust, dirt and theft.
  • The sliding door is split into upper and lower halves which makes the door easy to open by staff only.
  • There is no need to secure the door with any other additional counter-weights.
  • This feature is particularly favoured amongst the aerospace, defence and healthcare sectors.


With a partnership based on trust and high quality service, you can have peace of mind in knowing this innovative machine, from one of the best manufacturing sites, will work reliably and will serve you for a number of years to come. If in a rare occurrence, a malfunction should arise with the Rotomat, the unique secondary safety system comes swiftly into effect, providing you with complete assurance over safety in your workplace.

For example, if a light barrier curtain or door switch is momentarily dysfunctional, the user can activate the secondary safety system and continue to access goods until your local service team arrives.

Climate control

If your business needs to store goods in a cool, dry or protected environment, look no further than the Hänel Rotomat from Industore.

Across a broad range of sectors, many products today need to be stored under very specific, controlled conditions. From highly sensitive components in the electronics industry to fragile substances and medicine supplies in the healthcare sector, we understand that the ever expanding quality requirements companies need to reach are becoming increasingly stringent.

With the Rotomat you can choose between the options of:

  • DryStore for humidity-control
  • CleanStore for contamination-sensitive products
  • ClimateStore for air-temperature control

Or choose a mixture of all three systems for the perfect storage environment for all your stored goods.


If you need to protect your stored items from any corrosion, the DryStore will be the best solution for your business as you will get a guaranteed safety shield from any rust, dirt or decay, with a constant 5% humidity.


This principle is based on a robust double-wall technology combined with filter systems to maintain impeccable conditions for your items. This is proven very popular in sectors where high levels of air cleanliness is necessary for production, such as in semi-conductor or medical engineering.


With this solution, goods will be stored in units at a constant controlled temperature, either as cold stores or heated systems for drying components. Temperatures for the Rotomat range from –20°C to +60° C, illustrating how limitless your storage options can be thanks to this future-proof technology.

Optimise your office

The Rotomat isn’t just for industry, they’re also extremely popular in offices throughout the UK and Ireland.

Its compact design enables more space for archiving documents and you’ll have an enviable filing capacity. This multifunctional machine will mean your expensive office space can be utilised more effectively, without having cupboards jam-packed with all those files you need to hold on to for years and years.

  • Never lose a file again with complete control and organisation over all your archives
  • Security – protect all your customer files and finance documentation
  • Low noise levels – with smooth-action drawers on telescopic runners
  • Elegant design – integrate the machine neatly into your office space
  • Customisation – a range of modern colours to complement your corporate branding

Hänel Rotomats are extremely durable, and malfunctions are extremely rare.  In the very unlikely event of a malfunction, a Safety Bypass System can allow users with appropriate access to operate the unit until an Industore service technician arrives, ensuring that your operation can continue to operate.  Industore has a network of engineers, strategically located throughout the UK. which ensures clients who do experience a problem are back up and functioning at full capacity, quickly.

Hanel Rotomats allow goods to be stored at constant, controlled temperatures – ranging from -20°C to +60°C.  In certain instances, both lower and higher temperatures can be accommodated, but typically projects of lower than -20°C or higher than +60°C require specialist, Industore engineers to conduct site surveys and engage in detailed discussions with clients.  We would encourage clients, and potential clients with requirements outside of these temperatures to get in touch.

Typically, our Rotomats are built up to 14m high, but depending on the specification and contents – it is possible to build these larger.

If your products are of a fixed size, or share relatively similar dimensions, Rotomats may allow better storage density, at a lower price and a smaller footprint.  Rotomats also have greater capacities to more easily suit low temperatures or more cost-effectively fit into super clean environments.

Rotomats at St Vincent's Private Hospital

St Vincent’s Private Hospital

With a view to ensuring demand never outstripped capacity, St Vincent’s Private Hospital recognised the need to rationalise it’s storage, increasing space and capacity for expansion of operating theatres and private appointment spaces.

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Industore's VLM (vertical lift modules) operating in a manufacturing and distribution setting


"The investment in Hänel Lean-Lifts allows Allaero to store our inventory safely and ecologically – whilst also enabling us to improve our performance. Furthermore, the space saving Hänel storage systems have been vital in maintaining our facilities here in Crawley, despite rapid business growth over the past five years."

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Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital in Altamonte has the very latest medical equipment, including innovative screening technologies, to provide comprehensive medical care in central Florida. The hospital relies on several Hänel Rotomat systems for storing sterile material and surgical instruments.

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Stannah Stairlifts

Stannah Stairlifts required a future-proof solution to replace an outdated and unreliable storage unit situated in their warehouse. To help streamline their picking process, Stannah Stairlifts were looking to implement a new automated system that utilized the height of the facility and increased storage capacity on a small footprint.

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