As negotiators at the COP28 Climate Summit in Dubai grapple with the need to curtail global fossil fuel usage, Industore Limited stands out as a leading advocate for environmental responsibility, serving businesses across the UK and Ireland.

The COP28 summit, now into overtime, faces criticism for not explicitly advocating the “phase-out” of fossil fuels. Many countries, along with the European Union, are advocating for a resolute commitment to transitioning away from coal, oil, and gas to avert the most severe climate impacts. Amidst these deliberations, the pressing need to confront climate change becomes clearer than ever before.

Eco-Features and Storage Efficiency:

Industore’s lifts boast eco-features that are already playing a pivotal role in reducing the carbon footprints of thousands of companies: True transformation, true sustainability.

Hänel EcoDrive®:

The built-in frequency converter converts the kinetic energy of the descending extractor into electrical energy and feeds it back into the electrical supply system. This recovers up to 40% of the energy required by the storage system, depending on the rate of extractor travel.

Industore's Automated Lift Systems for Small Parts and Tool Storage: The Lean-Lift (VLM)

Hänel EcoLoad®:

Continuous monitoring of the load situation in the Rotomat® and adherence to the storage recommendations ensures that balanced load distribution is achieved. As a result, only minimal energy is needed to set the storage system in motion.

Hänel EcoMode®:

With this standby technology, all systems that consume energy, even when at standstill, are shut down by the control system in four (energy saving) EcoMode® levels. This minimizes the energy intake of Hänel storage systems when they are idle for extended periods of time.

Climate Control:

One of Industore’s standout features lies in our climate-controlled environments. This innovative solution allows clients to define precise climate control on individual storage trays inside the same lift. No more chilling entire rooms or subjecting staff to low temperatures and protective clothing. With Industore solutions, clients can set multiple temperatures in various freezers or fridges within the same lift, and on the same footprint. This feature allows businesses to drastically reduce the need for chilling vast spaces. This not only trims operational costs but also substantially cuts down on energy consumption and carbon footprint. For those who need large volumes of goods stored at just one, constant temperature, Industore also offers the ability to insulate entire lifts, with an automatic, timed door opening, which opens on demand, to reveal the appropriate goods, before closing again, safeguarding the defined temperature. Whatever your needs, our lifts, and wider solutions provide a tailored approach to climate control, ensuring optimal conditions for stored items, whatever they may be – reducing your carbon footprint and your overheads.

As COP28 negotiators strive for global agreements, Industore stands as a testament to the proactive measures companies can adopt today. By empowering businesses with cutting-edge eco-features and reducing overall energy consumption, Industore is not merely meeting industry standards; it’s setting a benchmark for sustainability through Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS).

In a world grappling with the looming impact of climate change, as well as an ever-competitive business landscape, industry leaders like Industore play a crucial role. As the COP28 summit navigates global complexities, companies embracing eco-friendly solutions lay the foundation for a more sustainable future. For you, it could all start with a call to Industore.


Industore presents The Cool Box, an innovative storage solution designed to accommodate climate-sensitive inventory with optimisation in mind. Created to house our flagship product, The Hänel Lean-Lift, The Cool Box offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

If your inventory requires storage 2°C-10°C and you’re looking to reduce overheads, consolidate space, and increase operational efficiency, read the case study now.

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