Vertical, chilled storage, by Industore.

Industore presents The Cool Box, an innovative storage solution designed to accommodate climate-sensitive inventory with optimisation in mind. Created to house our flagship product, The Hänel Lean-Lift, The Cool Box offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency.  If your inventory requires storage 2°C-10°C and you’re looking to reduce overheads, consolidate space, and increase operational efficiency, read on.

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Whether your business deals with fine art, sensitive technology, prime rib, or life-saving vaccines, our Cool Boxes provide the ideal solution for storing sensitive inventory away from heat, cold, dust, mould, and humidity. With Industore, storing and retrieving your items becomes exceptionally efficient, ensuring that your goods are kept safe and accounted for, in optimal condition.

In many instances, businesses with cold storage requirements allocate vast spaces for cooling, which often comes at a great expense. Traditional storage methods for chilled or cold items can be burdensome, requiring employees to don appropriate health and safety gear as well as invest significant time walking to specific locations to retrieve items. With Industore’s Cool Box, your picker can stay in one place while the goods are delivered directly to them (‘goods-to-person’). This eliminates the need for excessive movement, thereby improving throughput, and ensures a much more consistent temperature (defined by you, and changable), with minimal energy output.

Our Cold Boxes deliver targeted cooling to the required area, enveloping your Lean-Lift and its inventory in a protective, consistently cool environment while minimising dirt and dust accumulation. With The Cool Box, pickers can access the required products at the press of a button, or even through automated computer control. This streamlined operation optimises retrieval time and ensures efficient, safe, ergonomic, and secure handling of inventory. Furthermore, The Cool Box’s vertical storage design (VLM) allows for extremely dense storage on a small footprint, utilising just 20% of your usable space, but accommodating 100% of your products.

To optimise energy usage and protect your products from external forces; such as heat or humidity, The Cool Box opens and closes on command (or via automation). For added security and item protection, a built-in timer (that allows you to define the duration), as well as an alarm system are in place, to ensure maximum protection of assets. Additionally, with cool storage capabilities, your chilled items can be located anywhere within your facility, including next to traditional, non-temperature controlled storage areas, providing flexibility, better optimisation of space and enhancing overall efficiency.

Industore’s Cool Boxes:

Empowering organisations to harness the benefits of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), by:

Reducing wastage, losses, and breakages
Maximising profitability
Maintaining 100% stock accuracy
Reducing floor space requirements
Improving throughput

As with all Industore products, The Cool Box is constructed with robustness in mind, ensuring durability and longevity. Clients can rest assured they’ll receive the exceptional service and aftercare benefits they have come to expect from Industore.

The Cool Box by Industore


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