In today’s fast-paced packaging and manufacturing industries, space optimisation, efficient inventory management, and workforce safety are paramount. Industore Limited, the UK and Ireland’s exclusive suppliers of Hänel automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), offers cutting-edge solutions with its Vertical Lift Modules (VLM), called “Lean-Lifts” and automated storage carousel modules, “Rotomats”.

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Challenges in Packaging and Manufacturing:

The packaging and manufacturing sectors often grapple with space constraints, slow throughput, inventory inaccuracies, and pilferage. These issues can significantly impact productivity and profitability.

Unique Features of Lean-Lifts and Rotomats:

Industore’s Lean-Lifts and Rotomats are designed to address these challenges head-on. They provide unmatched benefits, such as effective utilisation of vertical space, increased storage density, enhanced throughput, improved order picking accuracy, ergonomic design, and total stock transparency. What sets us apart from other providers of similar solutions, is our hardware’s adaptability and reliability – making them a truly future-proofed solution.

Integration and Customisation:

Industore’s solutions are highly versatile, capable of integrating seamlessly with existing warehouse management systems (WMS) or utilising their proprietary software, HänelSoft. These systems can be tailored to meet specific dimension and design requirements, including partial, or full branding customisation.

Industore’s Lean-Lifts and Rotomats have already transformed the operations of numerous companies in the packaging and manufacturing industries. These success stories attest to their versatility, reliability, and efficiency. All our staff are based here, they’re familiar with the business and the products, the country and how business in this country works. No overseas support, no language barriers, and no excuses. Working with Industore is working in partnership, and joining the world’s brightest and best – because Industore clients are a who’s who of leaders.

If you’re looking to overcome space constraints, improve inventory control, and boost productivity, Industore is the answer.

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Critical spare parts stored in Industore Lean-Lifts (VLM)

Montgomery Waters

Nestled in the natural beauty of Mid-Wales, Montgomery Waters Ltd. sits at the foot of former volcanic hills. Beneath a little rural village in Churchstoke, ancient rock formations have developed a vital passage that host essential minerals, providing Montgomery Waters, with fine tasting natural and spring water. To ensure total…

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The range of premium whiskies produced requires special storage to protect the bottles from dust and dirt, and to ensure complete product traceability. At the company site in Glasgow, five Hänel Lean-Lifts® are in operation – two of them are equipped with access protection and are located in a separate and secure area of the building complex. 

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Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

Since the delivery of the application nearly a year ago, the Hänel Lean-Lift has operated without skipping a beat. Using just 15m2 square of land adjacent to the existing building, Nelipak has now increased their storage capacity by an enormous 80%

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Industore Case Study Image - Branded Orange and black Rotomat, - View from Access Point

Metal Work UK

whether stock is picked or replened, it’s done so with great ease, safe in the knowledge that we’re using the older products first – which gives us the confidence that we’re always supplying the best quality items. The benefits of our Rotomat are just endless, and far beyond what we set out to achieve.

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De Soutter Medical

Founded in 1990, De Soutter Medical is a leading manufacturer of powered surgical instruments. For more than three decades, this trendsetting business has specialised in the development, production, and worldwide distribution of surgical devices for procedures around the world. The Buckinghamshire headquartered company now manufactures and exports over 800 products…

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Packaging, Manufacturing, and Critical Parts.


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