What is ASRS?  ASRS is an acronym for “automated storage and retrieval system”.  To stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced business landscape, strict streamlining of processes and the highest possible efficiency savings is critical to success. As companies scramble to achieve this edge on their competitors, businesses – even the biggest and most successful businesses – regularly find themselves facing stockouts, falling victims to picking errors or pilferage, and otherwise struggling to make big changes to achieve tangible improvements.

What is Automated storage and Retrieval?

Replenishment overload:

If your workers are spending considerable time replenishing inventory rather than focusing on picking – your productivity is down, and your valuable resources, wasted…and it’s time to ask your self, ‘what is ASRS?’  By implementing automated storage systems, such as Industore’s Hänel Lean-Lift (VLM) or Rotomat (carousel storage), you can automate replenishment processes along-side picking activities, significantly reducing the time wasted, and of course, optimising your overall workflow.

Walking, not picking:

Long walking times are commonplace in traditional stores and warehouses. Walking, rather than picking is a fast way to reduce productivity, as well as strain customer relations, as customers wait longer than necessary for their goods. Industore’s AS/RS enables efficient storage and retrieval, bringing goods to person (‘G2M’), thereby ensuring inventory is readily accessible, and crucially, buying back wasted walking time.

Excessive search time:

The visual search for items and manual matching of part numbers is incredibly time-consuming and prone to errors. Whether a vertical lift module (VLM) like the Hänel Lean-Lift or automated storage carousel, the Rotomat – Industore’s solutions call stock directly to your worker’s fingertips, and more than that, no time is wasted.

High picking errors:

High picking errors and returns will result in financial losses and damage to your company’s reputation. Precise and automated picking processes, thanks to pick-to-light technology – ensures the right part is picked every time, eliminating the need for workers to painstakingly search for specific items, thereby saving time and reducing errors.

Slow Throughput:

If your operation has ever missed a cut-off time, or you require periodic seasonal workers to handle peak demand, you need to consider AS/RS. Automated storage and retrieval systems improve throughput, enable fast, efficient, and accurate order fulfilment, whatever the demand. More than that, they’re incredibly intuitive – requiring very little training.

Worker injury:

At Industore, we consider worker safety to be paramount. Manual handling processes, particularly stretching, while picking increases significantly the risk of injury. AS/RS eliminates the need for reaching, heavy-lifting and generally, repetitive tasks, mitigating the risk of operator injuries and promoting a safer work environment for all.

Misplaced Inventory:

Frequent instances of misplaced or lost inventory creates disruption, financial losses and hinders operational efficiency. Industore ensures our clients have the most optimised, organised storage, removing the misplacing of inventory, and enhancing overall inventory management. Industore clients always know who took what, from where and when.

Bursting at the seams:

If your facility has reached capacity, or a lack of space is inhibiting growth opportunities, ASRS will optimise space utilisation, providing you with larger spaces to grow into. By utilising vertical, rather than horizontal space (such as racking and shelving), automated storage enables extremely dense storage within a very small footprint – freeing up space for additional money-making activities.


If you’ve experienced even one of these issues, it’s time to consider the transformative potential of automated storage and retrieval systems by Industore. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) allows businesses to enhance operational efficiency, reduce overheads, improve accuracy, and unlock avenues for new growth.


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What is automated storage and retrieval system?

Beat the competition, stay ahead of the curve, and leverage the power of ASRS to drive your organisation towards success.  Start asking yourself, “What is ASRS”

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