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Project Description

Boston Scientific Limited

Project Details

  • Area – Galway
  • Application – 13 x Lean-Lift, 1 x Rotomat
  • Special features – front and back dual access points, access code management, high speed roller shutters
  • Reason for investment – remove floor space constraints to facilitate growth
  • Main benefit – future growth easily accommodated, tremendous space savings

In Europe, Boston Scientific have three manufacturing facilities which produce innovative medical devices. Within the UK and Ireland, the company works across five sites where its products and technologies are used to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Identifying inefficiencies

Boston Scientific store a range of sophisticated components for medical device manufacturing, all different in shape, size and weight. Storage of all these diverse items proved challenging with traditional storage applications.

Boston Scientific hadn’t invested in automated storage systems previously for any of its sites throughout the UK and Ireland and the company looked first at the redevelopment of its maintenance and engineering stores.

Designing solutions

The first phase started with three Lean-Lifts installed for securing valuable parts and intricate production components. Industore integrated access code management into the machines whereby staff had access to specific shelves within the Lean-Lifts via a sophisticated fob system.

Following the success of these systems, two more machines were implemented into the Research and Development department to maximize existing floor space.

Within the warehouse environment at Boston Scientific, protection over raw materials was required as well as the ability to access small components and spare parts quickly and efficiently by all staff, therefore one Rotomat was integrated alongside a further four Lean-Lifts. Front and back dual access points were built into two of the machines to allow warehouse staff to pick and return items at the same time, and high speed roller shutters were added to the other two Lean-Lifts to control access.

Recently, another four Lean-Lifts were implemented to assist Boston Scientific in future growth plans.

Transforming operations

Following the improvements made at the Galway site, Boston Scientific has since witnessed significant growth and accommodated further business without being restricted by warehouse space constraints. The company has not only realised the added value in the creation of extra floor space, but they have reinvented a new, dynamic operation. Processes are much more efficient, streamlined and modern, creating an innovative environment which clearly demonstrates Boston Scientific’s excellence.

Security over high value raw materials has also been achieved, with materials protected from unauthorised access, dirt or dust when placed inside the Lean-Lifts.

Boston Scientific and Industore continue to work in partnership together, making improvements and facilitating growth. Hänel storage systems have also been deployed at the company’s sites located in Cork and Clonmel.

Customer quote

I would certainly recommend Hänel automated storage systems with Industore. Firstly, the reliability we have experienced with Hänel equipment has been first class, and secondly working with Industore through the different phases of deployment at our site has been seamless. Due to the benefits gained as a result of these modern systems at Galway, we have incorporated at least a further 10 machines at another 2 of our sites here in Ireland. My advice to others looking into options for improving their facility is to go and see the machines in action – you’ll be impressed!
James Kirrane, Boston Scientific Limited