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Project Description

The Magstim Company

Project details

  • Area – Carmarthenshire
  • Application – 4 x Lean-Lifts
  • Items stored – components and consumables
  • Special features – Pick-to-Light, dual access points and access control
  • Reason for investment – improve order picking accuracy and inventory control, make considerable space savings and operate a clean storage environment for raw materials
  • Main benefit – improvement to processes and efficiency, with finished products now stored securely in an access-controlled area

Customer quote

When planning the expansion of the Magstim production building for medical devices, one thing was clear from the start: Hänel Lean-Lifts would play a central role in our concept. We had already been operating a Lean-Lift vertical storage solution in our warehouse for several years, so I was very aware of the benefits that we – as a manufacturer of medical devices – could expect from Hänel and Industore.

Industore’s solution has delivered better order picking accuracy, better inventory control, considerable space savings and a clean storage environment for raw materials.

By installing the additional new Lean-Lifts, one of which is equipped with several access points and connects our receiving and shipping areas with each other, we were able to improve processes and boost efficiency. What’s more, finished products are now stored in an access-controlled area.

Paul Davies, The Magstim Company