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Project Description

Perforated Panels for Air Ventilation

in Climate Controlled Environments

Established over 50 years ago, this global pharmaceutical company required a future-proof storage solution for their headquarters in Ireland.  The renowned organisation recognised the need to optimise their workspace, in order to avoid expensive expansion or moving their premises elsewhere – to ensure demand didn’t outstrip capacity.

As with many Industore health and pharma clients, this organisation operates inside a climate-controlled environment – with much of their inventory requiring air ventilation.  Their specially equipped warehouse required a consistent and low temperature – to ensure retained samples are in-line with H&S requirements and continue to meet industry standards.  Our Hanel Lean-Lifts, complete with perforated panels are specifically designed to optimise air-flow, while retaining the rigidity of the lift – maintaining the strong, structural integrity that people have come to expect from Hanel products.  With a strong track-record of providing the pharma and health industries, Industore was able to direct this client to a wealth of high quality references, allowing the organisation to see the performance and quality of the products and solutions in real-world settings.

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