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Situated in Ireland’s thriving capital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital (part of St Vincent’s Healthcare Group), is Republic of Ireland’s only multi-integrated hospital campus. Located in the same grounds is the academic teaching hospital, the facility offers and boasts fantastic access to a broad range of professions, expertise and resources.

Rotomats at St Vincent's Private Hospital

WATCH NOW: St Vincent’s Private Hospital welcomed the Industore marketing team and Sales Director at the latter of 2021 to see and discuss the machines 11-years after the installation.


Over the last decade, St Vincent’s Private Hospital has punched well above its weight when it comes to patient volume, as well as the range of treatments it offers. With a view to ensuring demand never outstripped capacity, St Vincent’s Private Hospital recognised the need to rationalise it’s storage, increasing space and capacity for expansion of operating theatres and private appointment spaces.

Rotomats at St Vincent's Private Hospital

Automated Storage Systems

When it comes to Automated Storage Systems (AS/RS), Industore encourage potential clients to visit similar sites – to see real-world examples of our application and benefits. Trevor Elliott, Industore Sales Director explains:

Inviting potential clients to existing sites is an opportunity for them to experience applications in use, and critically gives them the opportunity to hear from the people using the machines daily. After a visit to the BreastCheck Clinic, adjacent to the University Hospital, St Vincent’s Private Hospital staff quickly recognised the benefits and space rationalisation the clinic benefitted from – and better understood how they could apply a similar application to resolve their space needs, with our Hänel Rotomat.

The medical records department was initially allocated two small spaces across multiple levels, which were accessed via a staircase or multi-story shared lift. Needing reliable, fast and accurate storage and retrieval to a high volume of sensitive patient documents, St Vincent’s Private Hospital were keen to involve Industore in the architectural planning stages of the building, to ensure ultimate efficiency through cleverly designed space saving solutions.

A total of four, seven-meter tall Hänel Rotomat Systems, spanning two-floors were commissioned in early 2010. It was established that the retrieval points would be best situated near the top of the machines on the first basement level, as this was set to be transformed into a workstation for administration staff in the Medical Records department. This space was defined because as patient files are delivered, it’s vital that all confidential and personal information is retrieved, reviewed and stored in the shortest time possible. Using the new layout and the Rotomat system designed by Industore, this is circa 30 seconds. Comprised of 39 carriers in each machine, the vertical contain 452 linear meters of useable storage space. To top that into perspective, that’s equitant to an Olympic running track.

St Vincent’s Private hospital opted to keep their own ERP systems to organise medical records, to keep a sense of continuity for staff. As a result, next to no training was required, due to the fact that Rotomats are so intuitive. Today, each carrier in the carousel contains an estimated 580 records and file accuracy has increased ten-fold. Furthermore, human made errors have been completely eliminated and – at capacity, 60,000 files could be stored in the Rotomats – futureproofing the hospital for increased storage requirements to the future.

Post Installation

Forward thinking St Vincent’s Private Hospital hospital signed up to Industore’s Aftercare plan, and as such, receive annual machine inspections, additionally, in the unlikely event that the machines do run into a problem, staff at this leading hospital know that they’ll get the priority care and attention that is synonymous with the name Industore.

Improve picking speed and accuracy.
Ultimate inventory control and security.
Increasing space & capacity for expansion of operating theatres & private appointment spaces.

We are always delighted to show off our Medical Records filing room. The amount of space and light that we have is the envy of all who come here. The Rotomats contribute hugely to the success of the department as they are easy to use, reliable and most importantly they keep our large volume of medical records safe and so readily available. The machines themselves are used almost constantly throughout the day (7am to 6pm). Despite this, across the more than a decade we’ve had them – they have never let us down. It would simply not be possible for us to keep the same volume of files on site if we did not have the Rotomats, nor would it be as error or hassle-free.

Caitriona O’Connor

Inpatient Service Admin Manager, St Vincent's Private Hospital

Hänel Rotomats

in St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

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