Industore Limited, in affiliation with Richard H. Powell and Partners, boasts specialized teams in turnkey logistics.  This includes warehousing, logistics, automated storage retrieval systems, racking, conveyor systems, software solutions (WMS) as well as interior logic, design and more. With over half a century of experience, we offer comprehensive intralogistics solutions across the UK and Ireland. Our integrated services cover everything from facility sourcing and interior layout to providing racking, vertical storage units (such as Lean-Lifts and Rotomats, sometimes referred to as ASRS), mezzanines, conveyors, warehouse management systems (WMS), and more.

The names Industore and Richard H. Powell have become synonymous with intralogistics and design excellence. Whether you’re looking for automated storage machines to help improve your process and performance, or you’re looking for an entire logistics plan for your new, or existing space: We’re here to help.

Now, perhaps more than ever before, effective logistics and supply chain management is critical to a company’s success, as we are all increasingly expected to do more, with less. As businesses and operations become increasingly complex, competitive, and global, there has been a rush towards better connected integration, leaner operations and much more efficient processes. We now refer to this as ‘intralogistics’, which covers, the transportation, handling, storage, and distribution of materials, as they’re converted to finished goods and shipped.

From initial surveys, consultations and designs, through to specification, construction, installation and aftercare, our teams of experts at Industore and Richard H. Powell provide end-to-end solutions. Our collection takes the time, stress and worry away from you from the very start – safe in the knowledge that your new space will be designed to the last detail, by the best in the business – and we’ll take you along for the journey every step of the way.

We offer a turnkey intralogistics service, understanding your needs and ambitions, planning your logistics, designing your internal layout and developing a vision of success for your goods in, storage, retrieval and goods out.  We supply a full-range of equipment, from AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval systems), to racking and mezzanines. As part of the wider, Industore+ offering, we’re able to offer entire processes and FFE (furniture, fittings and equipment), from conveyors, to packaging machines and more – empowering your business to be the leanest, most effective and efficient version of your itself.

We supply a full-range of equipment, from AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval systems), to racking and mezzanines. As part of the wider, Industore+ offering, we’re able to offer entire processes and FFE, from conveyors, to packaging machines and more – empowering your business to be the leanest, most effective and efficient version of your itself.

Our team of highly experienced staff and subcontractors are on hand to complete the installation and fit out your building utilising the systems and products we have thoroughly designed and specified. All our teams carry the relevant industry qualifications and competencies to complete the works safely, on time and on budget – whichever part of the turnkey logistics process you’re in. Our contracts management team will complete all necessary pre-installation checks, documentation and assessments in preparation for your ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems), whether VLM (vertical lift module) or fitout.

Digitally connecting your systems provides the bedrock for successful automation. Warehouse management systems (WMS) such as our propiatory system, “HanelSoft” facilitates increased throughput, and empowers businesses to manage higher volumes of goods, faster, and at a lower cost. Our software offers an intuitive, powerful platform which provides a hassle-free solution – combining intuitive design and powerful planning into one, streamlined, turnkey logistics process.

We make warehouse improvements, new builds or new facility transformation easy. Our expert staff have years of experience at the coal face of operations and logistics. These, trained, qualified staff work with your organisation using their knowledge and best practice to offer advice and guidance, while ensuring they listen – to identify your objectives and goals, with a view to developing a clear, joint vision of success. From here, we work collaboratively to design, and perfect every aspect of your operation. On commencement of your project, our dedicated project managers and their wider support team will work to ensure your project is delivered on-time, in budget.

The Industore and Richard H Powell service doesn’t stop when your operation gets off the ground. Our long-standing, impressive client list has remained strong due to the ‘partners’ status we offer. We’re committed to ensuring our clients get the support worthy of our name.  Experience shows us that our products and solutions are quality, stand the test of time, and are even futureproofed – ensuring they are open and flexible to change and expansion as your business evolves. Our dedicated aftercare team are on-hand with a series of excellent service contracts, to ensure that your operations are always working at peak performance.

Industore Plus Projects

Industore-at-NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Thanks to the innovative vision of Head of Warehousing & Logistics, Dave Lightening, this pioneering NHS Trust has now modernised, rationalised and centralised their storage with Industore – implementing six, ten-meter automated storage and retrieval units for fast-moving files.

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Parts Town UK

Parts Town UK store up to 70% of all stock inside the 12 metres high Hänel Lean-Lifts. Warehouse staff run a busy centre, picking up to 200 orders per hour and shipping over 850 orders per day. Featuring a cluster of twenty four vertical lifts, each system is linked up with the company’s ERP system. Employees use scanners that record all pick and put operations, with orders automatically being assigned job numbers and clearly indicating where specific items are stored inside the lift systems.

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Automated storage solution with WMS integration

TVS Supply Chain Solutions

Industore installed twenty industry leading Hänel Lean-Lifts at a height of an incredible 12m each, grouped together into six separate activity zone, where each zone is serviced by a computer controlled conveyor system.

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Before the project started, we set an ambitious target of transferring 11,000 files a day. Thanks to Industore, we’re now hitting 16,000 a day. That’s been achieved because of the technology and the support from the Industore team. The clear stage-gates and timeline, the honest pricing and support is why I am an Industore advocate – and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Dave Lightening

Director of Warehousing & Logistics UHB University Hospitals Acute NHS Trusts.

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