The Hänel Lockomat® is the ideal storage system for safe and secure provisioning of tools and small parts

One Hänel Lockomat® – serving as a tool depot – is centrally located in the production building of one the best-known German engineering companies in the concrete technology sector. Employees have access to tools, safety equipment and consumables at any time – even at unscheduled hours.

The compartment doors of the Hänel system close automatically while ensuring error-free retrieval and access protection for valuable items in storage. Thanks to the compact design of the vertical storage system, valuable floor space can be effectively utilized for manufacturing and assembly processes.

Industore_ASRS_Hanel Lockomat_

WATCH: Hanel Lockomat in action

Inventory-driven management of valuable tools, plus employee identification and access via RFID 

The inventory status of items in storage is monitored and constantly updated through an interface with the TDM tool management system. Employees must verify their identities using RFID smart cards to gain access to tools. After identity confirmation, employees can then request specific tools via the computer terminal. The Hänel Lockomat® can be integrated in various tool management systems quite easily.

All of the stored items are assigned to various categories which are clearly listed for easy retrieval. When this data is entered, the Lockomat® brings the specified tools to the access point.

Then the specified compartment door opens automatically, giving the employee access to the tool. The Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators show precisely where tools are located on the container to ensure error-free retrieval. The row and compartment numbers are also shown on the controller display. When an item has been retrieved, the employee confirms the transaction in TDM. The compartment doors of the Hänel Lockomat® then close automatically to prevent unauthorized access.

Precise inventory control thanks to constant monitoring

Based on the information scanned from the smart cards, the tool management system automatically ascertains the cost center number and bills the cost of the retrieved item to the appropriate department.

When items in stock reach low levels, the ERP system requests new supplies to replenish the inventory in the Hänel Lockomat®.

Flexible access during shift work, lower costs and optimized inventory control

The Hänel Lockomat® gives shift workers flexible access to various parts and tools on demand so that production schedules can proceed without delays.

The Hänel intralogistics solution also reduces the cost of tool storage while optimizing inventory management and security at the same time.

Hänel Lockomat Key Benefits: 

Ultimate Inventory Control
Safe and Secure environment for small parts
Cost Efficient Storage

Hänel Lockomat in action

Industore_ASRS_Hanel Lockomat_
Industore_ASRS_Hanel Lockomat_
Industore_ASRS_Hanel Lockomat_
Industore_ASRS_Hanel Lockomat_
Industore_ASRS_Hanel Lockomat_
Industore_ASRS_Hanel Lockomat_
Industore_ASRS_Hanel Lockomat_
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