Our client is an internationally renowned provider of surgical supplies, including medical uniforms (sometimes referred to as ‘scrubs’) and hospital bed linen. The client needed to increase their storage capacity and improve their picking proficiency as they expanded their service provision.

Hänel Rotomat® storage carousel in a high-speed version

WATCH NOW: Hänel Rotomat storage carousel

Since the implementation of two new Hanel Rotomats and the Industore inspired layout of the facility, the organisation’s accuracy and picking speed within the warehouse has increased by over 40% on an average day. Now, optimally positioned barcode scanners identify the correct items within the storage carousel, reducing erroneous picking to zero, and improving customer relations as well as the bottom line. The storage units remove all potential human errors from the picking process, as the administration and stress of picking is now handled completely by the Hanel units, presenting the appropriate item locations on-demand, without manual input. Faster, more efficient, more accurate.

Incorrect picking has been altogether removed from the process and repurposed pickers have been allocated new, money-generating positions within the company.

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