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Hänel’s twin-motor concept also ensures smooth, vibration-free operation with minimum system wear and tear. This technology also compensates for eventual load imbalances on the carriers. In Lauffen am Neckar, Germany, the expert team at 3b IDO designs and manufactures premium quality office environments for delivery to customers throughout Europe.

In line with the company’s motto – ‘Innovation, Design and Organization’ – craftsmen assemble high-quality products at a manufacturing facility covering 30,139 square feet.

The Hänel Rotomat® plays a central role in production

A Hänel Rotomat® storage system on the production floor serves as a material depot for adhesives and edge trimming mounted on reels. This material is fed into automated edging machines during the gluing and finishing process for furniture surfaces.

The material is kept in made-to-measure storage bins. The Hänel multifunction carriers have a maximum payload capacity of 771.62 lbs/350 kg each – the Rotomat® can thus store more than 7.7 US tons of material. Neat and space saving storage within a small footprint truly distinguishes the Hänel Rotomat® from many other lift systems.

The stable and intelligent design of the Hänel Rotomat® results in high levels of reliability and a long service life. A light-barrier curtain, along with Hänel’s ergonomic safety switch, provides for maximum user protection during put and pick operations.

The intelligent MP 0 N-S microprocessor controller is equipped with a high-resolution TFT display. A numeric keypad is used to set the Hänel multifunction carriers in motion. Storage bins are then brought directly to the retrieval point. Even bulky items are efficiently stored and retrieved ergonomically thanks to the ‘goods to the user’ principle and the vertical carousel concept behind the Hänel Rotomat®.

The lockable sliding door protects items stored in the production area from dust, contamination and unauthorized access. Energy-efficient LED lighting at the retrieval point improves system operation and safety. The Hänel Rotomat® also contributes to motivation and a positive work environment with its premium finish in corporate colors that reflect the synergy of modern technology and aesthetic design.

This Hänel storage solution optimizes processes and supports an ergonomic environment for employees at 3b IDO!

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