Automated Storage Solutions

Automated storage solution for your warehouse: Hänel Lean-Lift®

In short, the Lean-Lift enables you to extract the maximum amount of storage capacity on a minimal footprint. Not only this, the Lean-Lift enables you to better manage and consolidate your inventory whilst adding a layer of high end security over your assets. The Lean-Lift is an extremely popular choice for an automated storage system.

This innovative machine will improve efficiency in your warehouse by maximising the available height across your storage operation. Unlike traditional racking systems, all of your inventory is stored in numerous height optimised positions, ensuring no space is wasted. Once an item has been requested by the operator, within seconds the shelf is brought down to the retrieval area and positioned at the correct ergonomic height for collection.

The Lean-Lift supports simplicity and our experienced engineers will integrate the machinery seamlessly into your existing methods of work, creating synergy with your IT systems.

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Automated storage solution for your small components: Hänel Rotomat®

The Rotomat is a multi-purpose, automated vertical carousel used to store small parts and components in bulk whilst protecting from excessive dust, damage or theft. The vertical carousel technology works on a Ferris-wheel concept, where requested small items return automatically within seconds to the selected access area.

For larger operations, several users can activate multiple carousels and process jobs simultaneously, cultivating a new and improved lean environment maximising on efficiency. Staff will no longer need to walk your entire warehouse searching for parts, tools or components, and you’ll also reduce the need for ancillary lifting equipment. You’ll even have the option to achieve multiple access points for staff located on different floor levels at your site.

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Automated storage solution for your records: Hänel Rotomat Office®

Nowadays, with the introduction of cloud based working, business processes are becoming more digitalised, therefore the need to store physical documentation is reducing. However, many businesses within sectors such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, accounting and finance, banking and public sector all need to retain and archive certain hard copy files securely for a number of years at a time.

If you’re still working in an office stacked with filing cabinets bursting with documentation, the Rotomat for office is flexible and adaptable and opens up an enormous amount of available storage space for holding crucial documentation for your ever-growing client base and personnel files.

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Automated storage solution for your identical materials: Hänel Lockomat®

At Industore we understand items can look identical on the outside but are very different on the inside.

When identical looking components, such as microchips, are stored and retrieved in the same system, there is a frequent danger of staff selecting the wrong parts or components for the product or task, resulting in waste and cost. With this machine, each chip type is marked with a unique barcode and put into an identified storage location with the same code in the Lockomat. What’s more, there’s no need to label every single component.

Optimum security is achieved at all times and each item is safely stored behind a specific electromagnetically locked compartment door, with all retrievals logged and traced back to their respective operator. For example, within hospitals, groups of drugs can be assigned to the responsibility of a certain set of people so only those individuals can request them. Only the drugs selected by barcode or storage number can be accessed as other compartment doors in the Lockomat remain locked magnetically.

Automated storage solution for your large storage unit: Hänel Multi-Space

In addition to the many advantages of the Lean-Lift technology, the Multi-Space offers maximum flexibility, speed and use of space. With its advanced technology, we offer a 3-axis storage system over 9m in width. The number of retrieval points is variable to your needs and can be altered at any time to accompany further business growth.

For larger production halls or stock heavy departments, you can network these machines with other Multi-Space units or combine with Lean-Lifts or Rotomats for an overall, slick workflow process.

  • Unique extractor design in state-of-the-art lightweight construction guarantees maximum stability
  • Scalability in height and width for maximum flexibility
  • Variable container widths and weight capacities for storing all your different items

Controllers and Software

When it comes to controllers and software, Hänel’s inventory management programmes are efficient digital systems.

We provide a range of specialist software solutions and varied storage management environments through microprocessor control units, offering complete warehouse management systems, tool management processing and more. With state-of-the-art control and software solutions you will gain optimum transparency over your warehouse.

For a larger, more sophisticated operation, our technical gurus have advised and helped clients integrate their own platforms into their new automated storage environment, working in harmony with the Lean-Lift and Rotomat.

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