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Controllers and Software

Hänel’s choice of inventory management programs are flexible, efficient and cost effective solutions suited to both small and large-scale applications.

Vertical carousels, such as the Rotomat, or storage lifts like the Lean-Lift are high-tech products in the market of automation. Alongside ergonomic design, inventory protection and cost efficiency, the smart technologies of the controllers make these Hänel products a worthwhile investment in storage and inventory management.

Our various options include the ability to integrate controllers into your existing IT system for a truly customised solution that suits your business and your staff, as well as access code management features for workplace security and control.

MP12N Controller

Amongst our client base, MP12N due to its flexibility, is our most popular control system.

Perfect for the Rotomat, Lean-Lift, Multi-Space and Lockomat, this one control system has the selection of four operating modes:

A popular controller

This compact controller provides a comprehensive, integrated solution for article numbers, storage locations, stock quantities and minimum inventory. There is a range of configuration options and function styles with the StandAlone controller.


  • Pick list and order management
  • Article, tool and file storage management packages
  • Barcode scanner and badge reader
  • Trouble-free connection to host network via the integrated Ethernet interface
  • Touchscreen monitor


  • Frequently used trays can be located closer to the access point allowing quicker retrievals
  • Eliminate any unused space in the lift arising from inventory movements with the optimisation run
  • Ensure no data is lost even if a power outage occurs through the intelligent backup functionality
  • The integrated web server enables storage data to be retrieved via a computer browser connected to the same local area network as the storage units

For quick and easy control

With HostData, you’ll be able to connect your storage units to your inventory management system quickly and easily.

With this solution the pick and put orders generated by your team in the storage management system are passed to the warehouse in data form. These orders are then processed at the storage lift in route-optimised sequence.


  • Buffers up to 5,000 list items
  • All lifts in an order picking group are positioned simultaneously with the pre-positioning option
  • Data records contain job number, part number, storage location and quantity
  • Pick or put operations are reported back to the storage management system as an inventory booking
  • Data communication between the storage systems is based on FTP or CIFS protocol


  • Integrated web browser for showing the storage management user interface
  • Direct access to the storage management database from each storage lift
  • No additional computer hardware required to operate the lifts in the warehouse
  • Processing is sequential or priority-controlled

A control system for local and mobile use

In this mode, storage management is performed in the higher-level host system. The machinery is controlled via the user interface of the external storage management software.


  • A drive command is sent to the lift controller by the storage management software
  • Communication takes place via TCP/IP
  • The interface between storage management software and lift is reduced to a few commands using a TCP/IP connection

A control system for user interface directly at the lift

Customer solutions can be individually implemented on the control terminal by means of a web server to provide an intuitive and modern user interface directly at every storage lift.


  • Inventory managed in your storage management system
  • Integration into your network via an Ethernet interface
  • An integrated web browser to show HTML pages directly on the monitor
  • Two serial and one USB interface for connecting devices


  • Direct access to the storage management database from each storage lift
  • No additional computer hardware required to operate the lifts in the warehouse

Whether you use your storage system as a single solution in your warehouse or use multiple units requiring a higher-level warehouse management system, the MP12N controller is a dynamic, flexible solution suited to both types of applications.

By listening to your requirements, our project managers will choose the correct MP12N variation for your inventory management program.

MP100D Controller

A central controller for up to 99 storage units

Hänel developed this central control system in order for a large number of storage units and their data to be managed effortlessly with an integrated storage management package.

Each machine in your group can maintain independence in operation by integrating an MP12N control system in the control panel of each machine.


  • All stored items are managed centrally
  • Space for 100,000 part numbers in up to 400,000 storage locations
  • Up to 4,000 pick lists, job lists or parts lists with up to 100,000 items
  • Powerful order-picking function allows quicker work in the warehouse


  • Processing of the pick and put lists can be route-optimised, time-optimised or sequential
  • Route lists can be configured to ensure users walk the shortest distance through the warehouse
  • Boost order picking speed with the tray pre-positioning option which simultaneously positions multiple lifts in an order picking group
  • The standard Ethernet interface enables data to be exchanged with higher-level host systems
  • To ensure problem-free connectivity the MP100D contains an FTP client and data conversion software
  • Access the storage data in your network via the integrated web server

Specialist software solutions

Flexibility is key with any software solution. Like our controllers, we offer a range of specialist inventory management software options to suit your machines and your business.

All our solutions encourage efficiency and totally rationalise workflow to achieve a modern storage process, managing storage locations, articles, tools, stocks, pick and put jobs and orders.

This powerful software package has useful configuration options and a range of standard modules that can be tailored to your needs.


  • Master data management for defining storage strategies and article properties
  • Request items/parts directly at the MP control unit
  • Pick operations based on article properties and storage strategy
  • Minimum inventory function
  • Statistics and analysis on the screen
  • Manual data import and export
  • Management of manual storerooms
Choose a complete warehouse management solution with high-speed order fulfillment and shipping possible. This software is a fully-integrated approach to automated storage and retrieval systems.


  • Quick and reliable access during pick and put operations by working directly at the storage access points
  • Modular functions for optimised adaptation to customer requirements
  • Standardised interfaces for simple data exchange with materials management/ERP programs
  • Optimised order picking for all connected storage units
  • Rack storage systems, pallet stores and container stores can be managed in addition to Hänel storage units
MPX WMS is a web based solution which gives full access for the operators to add, edit and view all data. The software is Windows based, compatible on Windows7, Windows8 and Windows10, using MS SQL Server and MS IIS for its web browsing capabilities to keep the system, live data and backups safe.

The system can be supported remotely and has multiple interfaces including CSV, SQL to SQL database as standard, plus IDoc and the more recent MS Webservice Interface for SAP.

The options for MPX include:

  • Host: Standalone or interfaced to an ERP system
  • Batch: Consolidated picking jobs that can be sorted at the machines for up to 120 jobs in one pick cycle
  • Cloud: Machines linked to MPX via cloud software not located on customer site
  • RotoDocs: Office documentation


  • Access to batch and serial number of each part
  • See the history of parts accessed
  • See the jobs pending and completed
  • View the dashboard for daily system statistics
  • Access to a customised reporting system
  • Accessible from any browser on the warehouse network with security


  • Uses iPod and iPad devices for its Host, Batch and Cloud packages
  • Printing: label, picklist, dispatch note, print designer
  • Barcode scanning: 1D & 2D barcode scanning
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