In a meeting at their ASRS Cardiff headquarters and state-of-the-art demonstration centre, Industore Limited, pioneers in automated storage and retrieval systems, welcomed the distinguished Secretary of State for Wales, David TC Davies. The visit, marked one of the Secretary’s first engagements since the Chancellor’s budget, underlining Industore’s standing as a prominent player across the UK and Ireland.

Industore has seamlessly blended their expertise in workplace logistics with the world’s most advanced AS/RS solutions, earning them a reputation synonymous with efficiency, excellence, and true transformation. The organisation’s innovative and trailblazing solutions have empowered global giants across dozens of sectors, from healthcare to manufacturing, and aerospace to e-commerce – optimising workspaces, maximising efficiencies, and ensuring 100% inventory control.

During the visit, David TC Davies delved into the Industore story, gaining insights into the technologies and methodologies that define its leading position. The Secretary was taken through an assortment of high-profile installations and success stories, ranging from an NHS solution (bringing millions of critical patient files from an expensive, inefficient third-party system into an in-house process, saving the taxpayer close to a million pounds a year, and enhancing patient care) to designing and implementing one of Europe’s largest and most efficient, sophisticated distribution and logistics hubs.

The secretary of state for Wales, David TC Davies commented:

“It was fantastic to visit Industore and learn about their work including ASRS.  The UK Government is backing Welsh business and innovation and I wish Industore every success as it looks to expand further.”

David TC Davies at Industore's Demo Centre in Cardiff.

Engaging in comprehensive discussions with Industore’s senior leadership team about interior logic, ASRS and more, the Secretary of State explored the implications of the new budget, examining the far-reaching measures aimed at unlocking business investment and fostering economic growth. The conversation touched upon the promising prospects for businesses and the public sector, aligning with the Government’s commitment to back Welsh and British business, driving long-term economic growth.

Ross Powell, Managing Director at Industore Limited concludes:

“We are humbled to be among the first visits by the Secretary since the Chancellor’s Budget (March ’24), underscoring Industore’s position as leaders in ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems) and interior logic, not just in Wales, but throughout the UK and Ireland. The Secretary’s council has been invaluable, and we are confident he departs with a deep appreciation of Industore’s commitment to championing sustainable growth and unlocking the UK’s potential.”

Industore remains at the forefront of the logistics and ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems) sector, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of UK industry, as outlined in the budget – and is poised to continue its contribution to the nation’s economic development.  You can read more about our solutions, here.

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