In the dynamic landscape of modern business operations, the pursuit of operational excellence remains paramount. Now, perhaps more than ever before, there is a need to achieve more, with less.  This can only be achieved if companies improve warehouse efficiency and operational efficiency – adopting automated warehouse solutions has become crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

Optimising time and space utilisation:

Industore’s automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), notably the Hänel Lean-Lifts (VLM) and Rotomat (automated carousel), stand as exemplars of streamlined operations. These systems are engineered to achieve unparalleled efficiency gains – regularly reclaiming 80% of our client’s valuable floor space. This translates into not only optimised space utilisation but also a substantial reduction in overhead costs, as businesses expand without the need of ever greater space. Drive further growth, innovate with new spaces, and improve profitability with automated warehouse and distribution centre solutions from Industore Limited.

Precision and finesse in picking:

A hallmark of automated storage (AS/RS) is their ability to improve picking (and putting) accuracy. No company can help you better achieve this than Industore Limited. Our pick-to-light technology offers 100% accuracy, and in tests, has regularly stood up to this perfect score. Thanks to our intuitive technology, businesses can mitigate the risks associated with mispicked products, thereby improving customer satisfaction, and circumventing the financial ramifications of product returns. Industore’s technology empowers businesses to uphold their reputation for unwavering reliability.

ASRS for high-speed picking in warehouses

Transparency in inventory management:

In the realm of inventory management, transparency reigns supreme. Industore’s innovative systems deliver real-time visibility of inventory, offering a comprehensive view of stock movement, pick history, and allocation details. Industore’s clarity goes beyond operational benefits, as it can inform decision-makers on how to better manage and action stock levels, monitor trends, and orchestrate a responsive supply chain. Our technology aids expansion through ensuring a first in first out system (FIFO) and ensuring that no stock is over or underordered – expiring on shelves, or running into stocking issues. Reliable, intuitive and informative.

Safeguarding against pilferage and bolstering security:

Pilferage remains a high-cost crime for businesses. Recently, a *John Lewis store in Kent saw an employee take over £45,000’s worth of stock out of the company, to resell it online, and just last week (at the time of writing) **Clarkes shoe shop, in Brecon fell victim to a store manager pilferaging over £16,000’s worth of stock. These stories, which are growing in frequency, underscore the imperative for robust security measures. Industore’s technology can request login credentials for item retrieval on request.

Indsutore’s automated storage systems quash thoughts of illicit removal, and where theft is attempted, strict audit protocolling and inventory records can be called on – to show who took what, when, and for what purpose. Moreover, access to certain items can be entirely restricted to particular members of staff, or explicitly accessible by individuals or departments.


Industore’s supremacy is cemented by its exclusive collaboration with Hänel, a global titan in automated storage and retrieval systems. Setting Industore apart from conventional vendors, its ethos goes beyond transactional exchange – working with Industore is striving for more. For over half a century, Industore has married the attributes of a large, recognisable brand with the values of a familial enterprise. Working with Industore is working in partnership – an investment in a shared future.


As businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK and Ireland navigate an era of innovation and flux, the ascendancy of automated storage and retrieval systems will be noted as a pivotal instrument in sculpting the future. Industore Limited will continue to emerge as the vanguard of this transformation, providing bespoke solutions to revitalise individual storage efficiency. With precision, transparency, and security at its core, Industore is the catalyst that propels businesses towards uncharted pinnacles of success.

Embark on a transformative journey with Industore, embracing the pioneering prowess of Hänel systems, Lean Lifts, and Rotomats. Elevate your operations and ambitions, and steer your business towards unrivalled efficiency. The future beckons – answer the call with Industore.

*John Lewis reference:
**Clarkes reference:

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