Bringing more clients into the automated storage/retrieval systems fold:  The past year has been a testament to our enduring commitment to excellence and innovation. Reflecting on the financial year 23/24, Industore is delighted to share news of yet another record-breaking chapter in our ongoing success story.

Record-Breaking Achievements

We are incredibly proud to announce that 2024 has been another phenomenal year of growth and achievement for Industore Limited.  Our unwavering dedication to pioneering solutions has propelled us to another record year, marking significant milestones and expansion into diverse and exciting markets.  We’re thrilled to report robust growth, highlighting the increasing adoption of automated storage technology among businesses of all sizes.

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems and Industry Trends:

It is projected that the automated storage and retrieval system market will reach USD 17.1 Billion by 2032 (Global Market Insights Inc).  This projection underscores the accelerating demand for optimised warehouse management solutions across industries.  In the UK, Industore has seen particular growth in sectors such as e-commerce, retail and automotive, where we remain at the forefront of this surge in demand.  Here, we continue to offer turnkey solutions, ensuring that our clients receive truly transformational solutions – our signature interior logic, as well as the world’s leading automated storage and retrieval solutions.

Increasingly, businesses are integrating their automated storage/retrieval systems with advanced software like HänelSoft. The integration simplifies inventory management, offering batch control, FIFO strategies, and intelligent forecasting for optimized inventory levels and reduced stockouts.


WMS integration with automated storage

Expanding Our Automated Storage Expert Team

In-line with our commitment to sustained growth and service excellence, Industore has welcomed a talented cohort of new engineers, support staff and project managers to our esteemed team.  These individuals, meticulously selected for their expertise and industry knowledge, represent the next phase of Industore’s journey.  Following rigorous training in partnership with AS/RS leading manufacturer Hänel GMBH, these staff will be poised to deliver exceptional service and support to clients across the UK and Ireland.  Their presence reinforces our ability to cater to growing demand and ensures that our clients benefit from top-tier installation, aftercare, and upgrade services.

Industore's expanding Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems team

Ross Powell, Managing Director on AS/RS and the future:

“At Industore, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower organisations across all sectors, of all sizes to achieve peak efficiency and excellence.  Our commitment extends beyond delivering cutting-edge automated solutions, but to full turnkey solutions – redefining success for industries throughout the UK and Ireland, elevating standards, fostering growth and supercharging the UK’s economy.”

Advantages of Automated storage/retrieval systems:

AS/RS technologies (whether VLM (vertical lift modules) or automated storage carousels) offer multifaceted benefits, including space optimisation, precise inventory tracking, and reduced labour costs. These advantages position AS/RS systems as strategic investments for organisations aiming to elevate their supply chain management capabilities.  There are enormous benefits to automated storage/retrieval systems, far too many to list in one company update – but below are some of the top advantages.  For more, you can visit one of our recent blog posts here: The top five benefits of AS/RS in your workplace.

Choosing the Right Vertical Storage Solution AS/RS and you image shows an Lean-Lift (VLM) vertical lift module

Vertical Lift Module (‘VLM’):

  • Superfast Picking: Using the goods to person ‘G2M’ principle, inventory is retrieved in record time
  • Space Optimisation: AS/RS offers high storage density – typically saving 80% compared to racking
  • Improved Accuracy: Industore’s Automated Storage Systems minimise picking errors, ensuring precise fulfilment
Automated Lift System - The Hanel Rotomat, a vertical storage carousel by Industore

Automated Storage Carousel:

  • Security: Integration ensures you’ll always know who took what, when and why, with full audit trails
  • Inventory Control: Real-time inventory visibility reduces stockouts, overstocking, and enhances order accuracy
  • Safety and Reduced Costs: Automated storage reduces manual labour reliance, while reducing accidents or injuries

AS/RS: A Bright Future

Into our second half-century, Industore wanted to extend our sincere gratitude to our dedicated workforce, senior leadership team, esteemed clients, and partners.  Together, we have forged a legacy of innovation and achievement, driven by our shared values and unwavering dedication to excellence.  Get in touch to start your Industore journey.

AS/RS experts Industore discussing automated storage systems
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