With an uncertain economic landscape, businesses across the UK are forced to seek new ways to navigate challenges and ensure operational resilience.

For over thirty years, Industore has remained at the forefront of automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), establishing itself as the leading supplier across the UK and in Ireland. Industore has built a reputation as a trusted partner, dedicated to empowering businesses to become the very best versions of themselves by enhancing efficiency, reducing overheads, and providing future-proof solutions – such as our Lean-Lift (VLM) and Rotomat (automated storage carousel) solutions.

Top 5 Benefits of ASRS:

Industore’s automated storage and retrieval solutions (ASRS) automate the storage and retrieval process of inventory, significantly boosting efficiency and order fulfilment through high-speed picking. This automation allows employees to concentrate on value-added tasks such as quality control and sales, thereby optimising productivity.

With Industore’s innovative automated storage solutions, businesses can maximise the available space by storing items vertically rather than classic racking solutions, whcih are stored horizontally.  This typically means that Industore solutions store 100% of our client products, in roughly 20% of their space. This vertical storage approach is particularly beneficial in environments where space is limited, or rent and rates are expensive. By offering dense storage solutions, Industore helps businesses make the most of their square footage without the need for costly expansions or relocations.

Leveraging advanced pick-to-light technology, Industore’s solutions minimise picking errors, returns, and other associated erroneous costs. By ensuring precise order fulfilment, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations.  All this can be achieved, while improving pick speed in your warehouse (or other type of facility) as pickers are confident moving quickly, thanks to clear, intuitive instruction.

Industore’s automated storage and retrieval systems (sometimes referred to as vertical lift modules or VLM) provide real-time visibility into inventory, reducing instances of stockouts and overstocking. With 100% traceability, businesses can mitigate the risk of inventory pilferage and loss, thereby improving overall inventory management.

Industore’s intuitive systems not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to a safer work environment. By delivering items at ergonomic heights, these solutions reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, ultimately minimising labour costs and improving workplace safety.  High-speed picking empowers businesses to achieve more with less, allowing you to manage during peak seasons, ultimately, improving the bottom line.

Lean-Lift and Rotomat systems offer high-speed picking and flexibility, allowing businesses to expand or modify their storage capacity at any time without any problems. These systems can even be combined to span several floors, providing businesses with scalable solutions. Our intelligent microprocessor controllers and proven software solutions (particularly our propitiatory WMS (warehouse management system), HanelSoft) can be easily integrated into client setups, allowing for seamless digital integration into any logistics network.  HanelSoft also has the capacity to fulfil this for businesses who aren’t yet using a WMS, or need a more comprehensive setup.

Steve Anderson-Tyso on Storage Systems for Sensitive Products:

For more sensitive products, we offer special-purpose automated storage solutions, for example, antistatic coating (sometimes referred to as ESD storage or ‘electrostatic discharge storage solutions’) for electrical items. Additionally, we offer solutions for holding bars, rollers, sheet material, boards, SMT reels, hanging garments, rollable storage goods, sleeve rolls, and much more. Chances are, whatever the product you need to store, we already have an example of it, given the reach of our solutions across the UK and Ireland.  Take a look at some of our recent case-studies.

Steve AT discusses automated vertical storage carousels for spare parts and car parts storage

During challenging economic times, innovative solutions are essential for maintaining competitiveness.  Industore products and our comprehensive range of automated storage and retrieval solutions (ASRS), from automated vertical carousels to vertical lift modules (or VLM) offer businesses a clear pathway to success.

Storing Unique Items?

Whatever your products, they can be accommodated within our lifts. With a wide range of accessories available, such as fridges or freezers, tool inserts, tray moulds and much more, our automated storage systems (whether Lean-Lift or Rotomat) can be tailored to meet specific storage requirements.

Automated Lift for Storage for Small Parts and Tooling
Heavy items in automated storage with Industore
Automated cold storage, temperature controlled automated storage
Unique containers for automated storage
Automated storage for bottles

By enhancing efficiency, streamlining operations, and fostering productivity, businesses can overcome economic challenges and emerge stronger, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and success.  Contact us.

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