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Rotomat Office

The Hänel Rotomat for office is the ideal document storage and retrieval system for all administration departments, from large corporates right through to small businesses.

There is a wide selection of storage options with the Rotomat Office, from stand up folders to index cards and office stationery supplies. Our clients organise a range of items in their carousels, with the most popular being:

  • Hanging folders (vertical and lateral)
  • Stand up folders (vertical and lateral)
  • Ring binders
  • Index cards
  • Archive boxes
  • Data carriers
  • CD/DVD/tapes
  • Office material supplies

The Hänel Rotomat for office saves you space and offers user friendly access to your files. Picture your next stock take, envisage your new re-order process and think how much time you’ll save no longer searching for customer documents. The neat and compact storage layout in the Rotomat Office and clear separation of boxes will provide you with a brand new, modern approach to your administration process.

What’s more, there’s no need to implement a Rotomat per department, as items can only be retrieved by those granted access and you can also install a separate retrieval point on another level. For example, your Human Resources department can be given access to personnel files whilst your Accounts team will only have access to the financial statements. Confidential documents, such as these, are kept in telescopic drawers which are securely locked so only authorised members of staff can access them. For additional protection, fire-proof cladding and a fire door in front of the access point makes sure the archives are reliably taken care of.

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Rotomat Office

Hanging folders

Hanging-foldersHänel Rotomat 300 – The carousel for lateral hanging folders

The Rotomat 300 is your perfect solution when the problem you face is how to store large quantities of hanging folders in the most efficient way.

Tailored control systems plus interfaces with your IT workstations make the Rotomat 300 the ideal partner in commercial and administrative offices.

The Rotomat office carousel 300/100/327/305 with 19 shelves and a folder height of 270 mm can accommodate 5,425 files with an average file thickness of 1 cm.


Hänel Rotomat 600 – The carousel for vertical hanging folders

If files are in constant use and need to be actively managed and organised by staff, the Hänel Rotomat 600 is the ideal solution.

The hanging folders are stored neatly in space-saving frames that are pulled out on high-quality telescopic runners for easy access.

The Rotomat office carousel 600/125/328/305 with 4 sections and 2 drawers in 20 shelves can accommodate 7,360 folders with an average thickness of 1 cm each.

Standing folders

Standing-folders-1Hänel Rotomat 400 – The carousel for lateral standing folders

The Rotomat 400 offers maximum filing capacity on a minimal footprint. Because the carousel adapts to the maximum height of your office, the floor space required can be reduced by up to 60%.

The required lateral folders are retrieved automatically by the microprocessor control which improves staff productivity considerably.

The Rotomat office carousel 400/100/260/280 with 21 shelves and a folder height of 249 mm can accommodate 4,746 files with an average file thickness of 1 cm.


Hänel Rotomat 7-600 – The carousel for vertical standing folders

When several departments share storage facilities, a central organised archive such as the Rotomat 7-600 is necessary.

Reduce the need for hundreds of filing cabinets and secure thousands of vertical folders neatly in one Rotomat 7-600.

Your administrative staff will enjoy working with the easy to use Rotomat system.

The Rotomat office carousel 7–600/115/327/254 with 8 sections and 3 drawers in 12 shelves can accommodate 5,904 folders with an average thickness of 1 cm.

Ring binders

Hänel Rotomat 500 – The carousel for ring binders

Ring-binders-2Choose the Rotomat 500 for efficient, secure storage of all ring binder files with speedy retrievals.

The days of walls lined with ring binders on shelves gathering dirt and dust are long gone forever. Nowadays the demands placed on modern office organisation include ensuring that costly office space is reduced, capacity is optimally used, and files are protected from unauthorised access via the lockable sliding doors.

This Rotomat principle has decisive advantages over conventional filing systems – workflow is improved, staff work more cost effectively and files are always securely stored, no matter how busy you are.

The Rotomat office carousel 500/100/327/356 with 17 shelves can accommodate 607 binders with an average thickness of 8 cm.

Archived boxes

Archive-boxes-1Hänel Rotomat 500 – The carousel for archive boxes

Whether its patient records stored in a doctor or dental practice, to criminal evidence stored in a police department, or customer details stored at an accountancy firm, clients return to Industore time and time again for their office storage needs.

Whilst files need to be secured from unauthorised access and theft, equally they need protecting from worse case environmental scenarios such as a fire. A fire-protection door at the access point on the Rotomat 500 provides companies with peace of mind for optimum safety and security of those critically important files.

The Rotomat office carousel 500/100/327/356 with 17 shelves can accommodate 607 boxes with an average thickness of 8 cm.

Index cards

Hänel Rotomat 700 – The carousel for index cards

Gain efficient management of records with maximum cube capacity on a minimal footprint at your office.

The Rotomat 700 offers an abundant of space thanks to its huge capacity and the ability to adapt optimally to the available room height.Index-cards-2

The versatile fittings inside the Rotomat 700 allows the machine to be used for a wide variety of applications across many departments. It is ideal for index cards A5 and A4 size, as well as computer disks, microfilm, letters and legal folders, press photos and X-ray pictures to name a few.

The required item is automatically brought to the user in seconds, at the right ergonomic height, without any legwork or physical effort.

The Rotomat office carousel 700/115/327/203 with 21 shelves can accommodate 252 A5 landscape files.

Office supplies

Hänel Rotomat 400, 500, 700 – The carousel for office supplies and materials

The design of the Hänel Rotomat office carousels allows a wide variety of applications. These modern systems are becoming more and more popular in offices throughout the world, not just in the UK and Ireland.Office-supplies-2

Typical office supplies and materials for storing in the machine can include:

  • Notebooks
  • Pens and pencils
  • Printer paper
  • Marketing brochures
  • Apparatus
  • Plastic wallets

By speaking with us we will identify what you need to store for your office and how you can hold them all in the machine. We’ll tailor the Rotomat office carousel to meet your company’s individual needs. We’ll take care of the solution.

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