In an ever-connected world, the pursuit of efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness has never been more crucial for businesses to thrive. The ability to optimise the storage for small parts and tooling – ensuring swift, accurate retrieval of critical parts is fundamental to productivity and business resilience. How can automated lift systems, including Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) and Automated Storage Carousels, contribute to achieving these objectives?

Automated storage for small parts and tooling:

For over a quarter of a century, Industore has been at the forefront of workplace transformations in collaboration with Hänel – who are widely regarded as a leading manufacturer of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS).  Hänel’s Lean-Lift (VLMs) and Rotomat Systems (vertical storage carousels) represent the pinnacle of German engineering excellence.  Paired with Industore’s operational expertise, extensive installation experience, and renowned interior logic (designing space, equipment, infrastructure, and processes to facilitate a smooth material flow), the partnership delivers significant efficiency gains, maximised throughput, and enhanced profitability.

Both companies offer unmatched commitments to quality and innovation.  Industore regularly specify Automated Lifts at 15 meters, with weight handling capacities of 1,000kg per tray – but higher, more industrial solutions are available where needed.  These impressive machines, whether holding injection moulds, CNC drill chucks, or pressing dies, provide a reliable solution for storage for tools, critical small parts, or inventory of other, critical parts.  The Lean-Lift’s vertical storage lift principle optimises space utilisation, while its intelligent control system ensures efficient retrieval at the correct ergonomic height.

Hanel Rotomats and Hanel Lean-Lifts operating in a warehouse environment, storing critical spare parts

Small tool storage with AS/RS:

Central tool provisioning with our systems streamlines the retrieval processes, minimising downtimes, and maximising productivity. Customised configurations, specified by Industore, ensure multifunction containers empower optimised, organised storage of inventory, including complete tool sets.  This setup offers opportunities for batch retrieval for specific production requirements – all with error-free tool access and robust protection against unauthorised access and theft.  Additional features, such as camera integration and full audit trails, ensure comprehensive inventory management and security protocols.  Whatever your business, the compact construction of our automated lift systems enables organisations to regularly store 80% of their tools and critical inventory in just 20% of their space – translating to significant cost savings.

Equipped with integrated tool management software, Hänel control systems gives businesses intelligent inventory control and streamlined retrieval processes.  Seamless integration with central host systems ensures efficient data retrieval and processing, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Hänel storage systems are compatible with a wide range of tool management systems, providing businesses with a seamless solution, without any time-consuming or disruptive learning curves.  Alternatively, Industore’s lifts boast a proprietary WMS system, ‘HanelSoft’, offering tailored configuration options and a range of standard modules to meet unique customer needs.

Automated storage unit controller displaying small tool storage

When specified effectively, benefits include:

Automated Lift Systems provide highly dense storage, regularly saving up to 80% of a client’s floor space, when compared to traditional racking or shelving.  Ideal for high density storage for small parts and tooling.

As companies expand, AS/RS systems like our vertical lift modules can provide improved picking, accuracy and replenishment with 1/3rd of the labour required to operate traditional storage.  This allows companies to grow their services and bottom lines, without needing to rely on seasonal workers, for example.

Automated lift solutions like Industore’s Lean-Lifts (automated vertical lift) and Rotomats (automatic storage carousel) manage inventory efficiently, ensuring accurate tracking and location of items – and knowing who took what, when, why and from where.  When it comes to tool storage and retrieval, security is paramount, given the critical role tools can play in keeping your warehouse or workplace functional.

ASRS technologies create a safe and ergonomic working environment for employees.  No stretching, reaching, or climbing ladders – reducing risks and injury.  The safe storage of small parts and tooling is critical, as is the safety of your employees.

Efficient storage and retrieval systems – particularly when it comes to tooling are indispensable for maximising productivity and sustaining competitiveness. Industore’s partnership with Hänel offers not just innovative solutions but also extensive installation experience and operational expertise.  We provide enhanced workspace efficiency, unmatched quality, and reliability – tailored to the specific needs of individual businesses.

Your Trusted AS/RS partner:

Whether your application requires a simple storage solution or a complex system, AS/RS technologies will save floor space, increase productivity, improve picking accuracy, enhance inventory control, and improve worker ergonomics.  Industore’s expertise, and our partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers of the technology, Hanel, makes us the best possible solution providers.

Common applications of ASRS systems (of automated lift systems) include storage and retrieval, order picking, kitting, order consolidation, batch-picking, assembly, handling tools, storage for small tooling, critical spare parts, dies and moulds, maintenance or for replenishment and returns, climate-controlled environments and clean-room environments – to name a few.

Common applications of ASRS systems

Over our nearly thirty years, Industore applications have been installed across just about every industry, including Automotive and Aerospace, Consumer goods, E-commerce, Electronics, Energy, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Local and Central Government, Logistics, Manufacturing, NHS (and other blue lights), Pharmaceuticals, Public Administration and more.  You can see some of our case-studies below.

Sensitive documentation storage (automated physical file storage)
Automated cold storage, temperature controlled automated storage
Multiple VLMs (vertical lift modules) UK AS/RS
Automated Lift for Storage for Small Parts and Tooling
Automated Lift Critical Spares and Beverage Storage
Critical spares storage and tooling
Temperature controlled storage, VLM, automated cold storage
Sterile storage for healthcare, critical small parts and tooling storage
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