Space Consolidation: Maximising Spare Parts Storage

One of the key advantages of critical spare parts storage within AS/RS units (automated storage and retrieval systems) is space consolidation. Industore’s vertical storage solutions allow for the consolidation of spare parts within a compact footprint. This ensures that all critical spares are efficiently stored and easily accessible without occupying excessive warehouse space – freeing up additional space for other, money-making or efficiency-enhancing activities.

Jobe Bruzas, Marketing Manager:

Enhanced Security for Critical Spares

“Security is paramount when storing critical spare parts. Industore’s AS/RS units are already equipped with advanced security features, such as audit control and PIN access, but further precautions can also be integrated, such as camera systems, and photographing trays before and after they’ve been called, for example.

Industore can also restrict specific shelves or compartments to authorised personnel only, ensuring protection against unauthorised access or pilferage.”

Jobe Bruzas discusses critical spares and vertical lifts (VLM)

Safety and Environmental Control

Storing critical spare parts in AS/RS units ensures they are kept in a controlled and safe environment. These units protect spare parts from excess dust, dirt, and other contaminants, preserving their quality and longevity. When retrieving any critical spare parts, operators benefit from ergonomic design features, minimising the risk of drops (and damage or breakages) as well as operator strain, contributing to a safer and more efficient workplace environment.

Improved Inventory Management and Accessibility for Critical Spare Parts

Integrating Industore’s AS/RS systems with warehouse management software (WMS), whether your own, existing software or our proprietary software, HanelSoft enhances critical spare parts inventory management. Operators have real-time visibility into part locations, quantities, and expiration dates, enabling proactive inventory control and replenishment. Industore regularly recommends the integration of a FIFO (first in first out) methodology – ensuring older parts are utilised first, reducing the risk of product expiration, for example.

Optimised Preventative Maintenance

Efficient spare parts management is essential for preventative maintenance strategies. By utilising AS/RS technology, organisations can proactively manage spare parts inventory and ensure quick access to critical components when needed.  This proactive approach minimises machine downtime (and production-line downtime), therefore maximising throughput – and ultimately improving operational efficiency, and critically, reducing the costs associated with unplanned maintenance.

Right: Our Lean Lift (Vertical Lift Module or simply ‘VLM’ is a vertical automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), comprised of trays stored both to the front and rear.  On command, an extractor system runs up and down the centre of the machine, automatically delivering goods to an ergonomic picking location, and then returning the tray to an appropriate storage area, depending on the height of your stored items, and/or their frequency of use.

VLM by Industore: Lean-Lift. Our premiere Vertical lift module.

Industore’s AS/RS solutions, made by renowned manufacturer Hanel GMBH offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to optimising and managing critical spare parts storage. From space consolidation and enhanced security, to improved inventory management and accessibility, Industore solutions are tailored and designed specifically to meet the unique needs of our customers.

One of our most recent client case-studies who store spare parts in their automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) is Montgomery Waters.  This client transformed their critical spare parts storage with an Industore Lean-Lift – the vertical storage solution, optimises Montgomery’s efficiency and ensures their manufacturing and distribution facility maximizes their uptime.  Read the full story below, and find out how their Lean-Lift system streamlined their inventory management, reduced critical spare part damages, and ensured seamless production operations.

Critical Spares in Automated Storage:

Critical spare parts stored in Industore Lean-Lifts (VLM)

Montgomery Waters

Nestled in the natural beauty of Mid-Wales, Montgomery Waters Ltd. sits at the foot of former volcanic hills. Beneath a little rural village in Churchstoke, ancient rock formations have developed a vital passage that host essential minerals, providing Montgomery Waters, with fine tasting natural and spring water. To ensure total…

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By leveraging AS/RS technology, and benefitting from Industore’s nearly 30-years of interior and operational logic, organisations can elevate their spare parts storage, as well as their management practices – driving efficiencies, maximising throughput and minimising unexpected costs.

Need better management of your critical spares?

If you need to optimise your critical spares, contact us to explore our solutions and services. Discover how our space-consolidating systems enhance security, streamline inventory management, and ensure quick access to essential components for preventative maintenance, or emergency repairs.

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