Choosing the Right Vertical Storage Solution AS/RS and you image shows an Lean-Lift (VLM) vertical lift module

Vertical Lift Module: Lean-Lift

Industore’s leading vertical lift module maximises storage in minimal space. A computer-controlled extractor retrieves items from optimised shelves, enhancing picking speed, throughput and ergonomics.

Automated Lift System - The Hanel Rotomat, a vertical storage carousel by Industore

Vertical Carousel Module: Rotomat

Industore’s premier vertical carousel maximises storage on a minimal footprint. Its Ferris wheel design swiftly brings items to operators, improving order fulfilment and ergonomics while reducing injuries.

A rose by any other name:

There’s a chance you haven’t heard the term AS/RS (or automated storage and retrieval systems) before but, there’s an even better chance you’ve heard it referred to by another name, such as “dynamic storage systems”, “high-density storage and retrieval systems”, or “goods-to-person picking technology”, for example.  Terminology aside, automated warehouse solutions are regularly equipped with Industore’s Lean-Lifts and Rotomats, which help organisations of all shapes and sizes achieve this underlying goal: to improve transparency, throughput, forecasting, and ordering processes, to name but a few.

ASRS, dynamic storage systems, high-density storage and retrieval systems, and goods-to-person picking technology in tomorrow's automated warehouse solutions

What is Interior Warehouse Logic?

Industore is part of the Richard H Powell and Partners Group – experts in efficiency and interior logic.  This is the careful orchestration of layout, throughput, and design. Industore’s solutions go beyond mere automation; they offer comprehensive strategies to optimise warehouse space and productivity.  By integrating traditional and automated storage solutions with warehouse management systems (WMS) HanelSoft (our proprietary system), Industore ensures seamless operation and 100% traceability of inventory.  This holistic approach not only boosts efficiency and throughput, but also enhances accuracy, transparency, and inventory control, enabling businesses to better forecast for the future.

Flexibility for Automated Warehouse Solutions of Tomorrow:
Warehouse efficiency knows no bounds, and Industore’s solutions cater to diverse environments, from healthcare institutions to food and beverage companies. Whether it’s maintaining cleanliness standards in a pharmaceutical setting or preserving temperature-sensitive inventory in a food storage facility, Industore ensures optimal performance in all environments.

Tomorrow's automated warehouse solutions - with Industore's AS/RS (autoamted storage and retrieval systems).

Pioneering the Future with Hänel’s Storage Solutions:
For over a quarter of a century, Industore has been the exclusive partner of Hänel GmbH, widely regarded as the leading manufacturer of AS/RS worldwide. Hänel’s automated lift systems offer a wide range of benefits, streamlining and increasing order-picking processes thanks to Pick-o-Light technology, uninterrupted operation with the Hänel ESB (expanded safety bypass), comprehensive inventory management with HänelSoft (WMS), and eco-friendly features that harness kinetic energy and reduce energy consumption…to name but a few.

Embracing the Future: Optimising Warehouse Efficiency:
As tomorrow’s automated warehouse solutions take shape, businesses must embrace innovative solutions to optimise efficiency and adapt to evolving demands. By integrating advanced storage systems like Hänel’s Lean-Lifts (VLM) and Rotomats (vertical storage carousel), organisations can unlock new levels of productivity, accuracy, and sustainability.

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“Tomorrow’s automated warehouse solutions will be defined by innovation, efficiency, and adaptability. By leveraging Industore’s experience and knowledge, combined with Hänel’s world-leading AS/RS, businesses can embrace a holistic approach to warehouse management and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world. Are you ready to embrace the future of warehousing?”

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