In today’s fast-paced business environment, the demand for efficient warehouse operations has never been greater. As businesses strive to meet customer demands while minimising costs and maximising productivity, the need for tried and tested solutions is clear.

Leveraging advanced technologies such as Industore’s Lean-Lifts (VLM), Rotomats (automated storage carousel), and our proprietary HanelSoft warehouse management system (WMS) can revolutionise warehouse operations, particularly when it comes to high-speed picking and batch picking. Let’s explore how these solutions can enhance pick speeds, performance, throughput, and more.

Our thoughts on High Speed Picking:

If your employees are walking, rather than picking, spending too much time differentiating similar looking parts, or picking the wrong parts, in an attempt to be faster – you need to consider batch-picking.

Our automated storage solutions (AS/RS) empower accurate, high-speed picking every time.  Our vertical lift modules (VLM) and Automated Storage Carousels (ASRS) regularly increase pick speeds by 300% and more, allowing employees to work smarter, not harder.

By automating the storage and retrieval process, Industore solutions significantly reduce the time spent searching for parts, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency. The rapid return on investment (ROI) means that justifying the initial investement is usually easily achieved.

High-speed picking from ASRS (batch picking)

Working with Industore: Features and Benefits

Industore’s Lean-Lifts and Rotomats are designed to maximise vertical warehouse space and produce high-speed picking. We regularly empower businesses to store 100% of their products, in 20% of their floor space – ideal for those needing to expand or trying to reduce overheads, without the business disruption or costs of moving locations.  By storing vertically, automatically, you can also reduce employee travel time (walking, not picking) and reduce the number of pickers you have at any given time, while improving accuracy and throughput.

Industore’s machines are built with efficiency in mind, and our technology, for example our Pick-to-Light solution, streamlines the picking process – reducing errors, and boosting productivity.  Thanks to our proprietary WMS (warehouse management system) HanelSoft, businesses can achieve real-time visibility, accurate inventory management, and rapid order processing, leading to improved customer satisfaction and business growth.  If you already have a WMS you’re happy with, chances are, we’ve already integrated to it. Challenge us to integrate to yours.

Industore warehouses offer increased order picking accuracy and improved productivity, and are easily scalable.  By combining these systems with HanelSoft, or your own, existing WMS, businesses can optimise warehouse operations, reduce labour costs, and enhance overall efficiency.  Industore’s solutions empower warehouse operators to streamline batch and multi-order picking processes with ease.  With real-time data and seamless integration, businesses can achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability in warehouse operations.

Warehouse operations are continually looking to reduce operational costs and increase throughput. A step that can’t be overlooked in pursuit of those goals is the picking process.  Ultimately, the longer it takes to fulfil an order, the less profitable that order becomes.  Batch picking, (sometimes referred to batching or multi-order picking), is an order picking method in which pickers simultaneously collect items for multiple orders.  Batch picking is typically faster than single order picking, in which pickers retrieve just one order at a time — because it reduces overall warehouse travel time.

Fast, accurate picking is important not only to simplify order fulfilment operations but to a business’s long-term success. Many warehouse operations can benefit from batch picking because it’s more efficient and enables faster, more accurate pick rates. It reduces travel time and puts less stress on the workforce, ultimately leading to improved employee satisfaction, and in turn, business growth.  For even greater accuracy, barcode scanning can be introduced to batch picking, ensuring greater order accuracy and reducing errors in the picking process.

Industore’s proprietary WMS, HanelSoft, offers enhanced accountability by tracking who took what, when, and why.  This real-time information prevents under or overstocking, pilferage or shrinkage and can implement systems such as FIFO (first in, first out), to ensure that older stock is used first, preserving longevity.  Real-time information like this also improves forecasting, because any time spent waiting for SKUs or products to be bulk replenished is time wasted and orders that take longer to ship – ultimately, costing more money.  HanelSoft will empower organisations to stay on top of this – letting key individuals know what products need to be restocked and when, also informing on seasonal spikes and more, ensuring you never have to wait to fulfil orders.

Interior logic (or ‘architectural logic’) in the context of intralogistics, warehouse, and distribution centre layout refers to the systematic and strategic arrangement of both zones and physical elements within a facility, for example, bulk storage (pallet racking), Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS, VLM), conveyors and more.  Optimising operational efficiency, productivity, throughput, and safety.  It involves the thoughtful design and organisation of space, equipment, infrastructure, and processes to support the smooth flow of goods and materials throughout the facility.

Industore's Interior Logic for Enhanced Efficiency:

Industore uniquely offers its planning, and interior logic expertise, in-line with AS/RS solutions. When it comes to batch picking and warehouse planning, one of the leading factors in our design is to reduce travel time.  With defined picking routes that maximise every step, pickers avoid retracing steps, or repeating the same pick path.  This, simple consideration greatly reduces travel time, improving picking efficiency and reducing stress.  Grouping picks means fewer people moving through warehouse aisles, leading to fewer bottlenecks and quicker order fulfilment.

VLM: Industore's premiere vertical lift module, the Lean-Lift.
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