When it comes to your intralogistics, efficiency isn’t a preference – it’s a necessity.  With that in mind, how can you know that you’re choosing the right storage solution (AS/RS)?

With a combined experience in storage and efficiency of over a century, Industore and Hänel stand at the forefront of innovative solutions, specialising in both automated storage and retrieval technology, and interior logic. Renowned products like the Rotomat and Lean-Lift offer a blend of flexibility, ergonomic design, and cost-effectiveness, making them indispensable assets for businesses striving to optimise their operational processes.

Choosing the Right Storage Solution: Lean-Lifts vs. Rotomats

The decision to upgrade to automated storage is an increasingly common one.  While we have a number of varying units available, to suit all needs, our two, leading solutions are the Lean-Lift and Rotomat. Each of these solution boasts high-density storage, ergonomic picking, and secure enclosures – both on a very small footprint, with WMS (warehouse management system) integrations readily available.  Understanding the nuances between these two solutions is crucial for selecting the ideal fit for your business – and your allocated project manager will ensure you’re fully aware of the best option.  For your consideration then, here are the prominent differences and typical applications for each of our primary ASRS offerings (automated storage and retrieval systems):

Lean-Lifts: Versatile and Adaptive

Lean-Lifts are the epitome of adaptability, accommodating a wide, and varying range of item sizes and weights. It’s commonplace for Industore to specify machines reaching as high as 20 meters, with load capacities of 1,000 kg (a tonne) per tray, but larger, more industrial versions are available.

With typical throughput rates of hundreds of items picked per machine, per hour, coupled with light-directed picking technologies, and broad software integration (WMS or ‘warehouse management systems) the Lean-Lift, (a ‘vertical storage unit’), is unmatched in the world of vertical lift modules (VLM) for its broad application and robust build-quality.  It isn’t uncommon for Lean-Lifts to be operational and performing at peak performance 25-years after their installation, and Industore can point to scores of clients who are a testament to this accolade, even with those whose operations are open 24/7/365.

With Lean-Lifts, your products or items on every tray are measured before storing – every time – ensuring they’re located in the best possible area, considering the overall tray height.  This means that as your product lines, preferences or business needs change, the lift will adapt with you.

Choosing the Right Vertical Storage Solution AS/RS and you image shows an Lean-Lift (VLM) vertical lift module

Rotomats: Compact and Efficient

While also regularly specified at similarly, impressive hights, Rotomats typically excel in spaces with lower ceiling heights, where space is at a significant premium and particularly where products are consistent in size.  With similarly impressive weight load capacity (typically up to 800kg in Rotomats, but greater weights can be accommodated where needed) and even higher throughput figures per machine, per hour, Rotomats are ideal for manual picking scenarios where speed and precision are paramount, in a small space.

Benefitting from similar, pick-to-light technology and software integrations as the Lean-Lift (VLM, above), Rotomats are also highly adaptable to the demands of clean-room environments, even in temperature-controlled spaces.

Built to last, Rotomats are regularly in service for decades, working steadfastly with your business to ensure continuity, resilience and steadfastness.  Take a look at one of our recent case-studies with Watts-Gregory, which talks about a solution still working perfectly, two decades after it was first specified:

Automated Lift System - The Hanel Rotomat, a vertical storage carousel by Industore

Making an Informed Decision: Automated storage and ROI:

Choosing the Right Storage Solution (whether Rotomat or Lean-Lift) requires careful consideration of your unique business requirements. Whether you prioritise adaptability, throughput rates, space optimisation, or an even mix of all these items, Industore’s expertise and comprehensive software solutions ensure that your investment yields maximum returns (ROI, or ‘return on investement’).

Driving Efficiency with the Right Storage Solution:

Efficiency isn’t a buzzword; it’s a commitment woven into every aspect of Industore’s solutions. Intelligent technology employed in your chosen storage systems ensures optimal space utilisation and time savings, to name but a few benefits.  In-built features in AS/RS (vertical lift units and automated storage carousels), eliminate wasted space and prioritise high speed picking.  With typical travel speeds of up to 2.30 meters per second, coupled with seamless integration options into existing IT systems (such as your existing WMS, or our own, proprietary system, “HanelSoft”), our solutions offer a tailored approach to storage management.

Intralogistics is the backbone of modern businesses, and Industore is here to elevate your storage capabilities to new heights. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to efficiency, our vertical storage solutions (whether vertical lift solutions or automated carousels) empower businesses to streamline their operations and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.  We will ensure you’re choosing the right storage solution for you, and your company needs.

Complimentary Site Audit

The best way to ensure you’re specifying the right storage solution is to arrange a complimentary site-audit, by one of our expert staff.  It’s no-obligation, and we don’t add you to any calling lists or otherwise, unless you opt in.

Multiple VLMs (vertical lift modules) UK AS/RS
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