Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems:

When it comes to automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), commonly referred to as “automated lifts,” Hänel’s Lean-Lift (VLM/vertical lift module) and Rotomat (vertical storage carousel) stand out as market leaders, offering unparalleled technological and manufacturing quality. These solutions empower organisations of all sizes and across industries to enhance efficiency, optimise storage, and streamline workflows. Industore proudly serves as the exclusive provider of Hänel technology in the UK and Ireland.

How Industore's Vertical Lifts Improve Efficiency:

Maximising Storage Capacity with Vertical Lift Modules

One of the standout features of both the Lean-Lift and Rotomat is their remarkable space-saving capability. Compared to traditional storage solutions such as racking or shelving, our vertical lifts typically offer over 60% more storage capacity on the same footprint, while regularly recovering up to 80% of the floor-space lost. This efficient use of space translates into tangible benefits for businesses, allowing them to store more inventory in less space without compromising accessibility or workflow efficiency.

Durable and Reliable Vertical Lift Systems

Built to last, our selected technology is engineered with a focus on durability and reliability. Its stable, strong, and safe design ensures optimal performance even under heavy loads, with features like dual motor drives that provide gentle, powerful acceleration and braking, minimising wear and ensuring quieter operation. The robust, four-chain system is unique, guaranteeing durability and reliability, translating into a longer lifecycle with minimal maintenance requirements.

 Ensuring Secure Operations with Vertical Lifts

Safety is paramount in any distribution centre, storeroom, warehouse, or workplace environment. Our lifts are equipped with multiple redundant safety systems to protect both operators and inventory. The system’s intelligent safety features include no-tilt extraction, ensuring stability even with uneven load distributions. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we offer an ESB (expanded safety bypass) system, allowing continued operation to ensure uninterrupted access to stored inventory.

Tailored Vertical Lifts for Diverse Industry Needs

Our lifts are designed to adapt to diverse industry requirements and applications. Whether storing small parts or large components, the system offers configurable interior fittings that can be adapted for future needs. This adaptability extends to the system design, allowing for easy expansion or reconfiguration to accommodate changing inventory demands or operational workflows.

Rapid Inventory Retrieval with Vertical Lift Modules

In terms of performance, our lifts are unmatched in speed and precision. With jolt-free horizontal movement, the system ensures rapid and precise retrieval of inventory items. The integrated control concept eliminates the need for additional PC installations, providing seamless integration into existing warehouse management systems (WMS) and enabling various order and stocking functions with exceptional accuracy. We also offer our proprietary software solution, HanelSoft—feel free to inquire for more details.

Green Solutions for Automated Vertical Lifts

Beyond operational prowess, our lifts are incredibly sustainable, featuring Hänel EcoDrive and Hänel EcoMode technologies that optimise energy consumption and reduce environmental impact. The EcoDrive system recovers energy during the extraction process, converting it back into electrical energy for other vertical lifts within your network.

Leading Providers of Vertical Lift Solutions

We are experts in efficiency and interior logic.  This is the careful orchestration of layout, throughput, and design. Our solutions, encompassing the specification, installation, and maintenance of vertical lifts, go beyond mere automation; they offer comprehensive strategies to optimise warehouse space and productivity.

By seamlessly integrating traditional and automated storage solutions into your warehouse management systems (WMS) or HanelSoft (our proprietary system), Industore empowers you to achieve seamless operations and 100% traceability of inventory. This holistic approach not only boosts efficiency and throughput but also enhances accuracy, transparency, and inventory control, enabling businesses to better forecast for the future.

Jobe Bruzas, Marketing Manager

“Our expertise in interior logic optimisation ensures that your warehouse layout and processes are strategically designed for maximum efficiency and productivity.  Combined with our hardware and software offerings, partnering with Industore transforms businesses, helping them to become the very best versions of themselves.

When integrating vertical lifts (and all manner of automated storage and retrieval systems), efficiency gains are all but inevitable.  The key lies in the logic, layout and strategy. Understanding the optimal placement of lifts and bulk storage areas, ensuring precise specifications and future-proofing operations is critical – as critical as integrating with your warehouse management system (or introducing one for the first time).  This strategic approach is what distinguishes Industore as a true industry leader.”

Jobe Bruzas discusses critical spares and vertical lifts (VLM)
Choosing the Right Vertical Storage Solution AS/RS and you image shows an Lean-Lift (VLM) vertical lift module

Superfast Picking: Using the goods to person ‘G2M’ principle, inventory is retrieved in record time.
Space Optimisation: AS/RS systems have greater storage density than traditional racking – typically saving 80% of your floorspace.
Accuracy and Error Reduction: Industore’s vertical lifts use pick-to-light technology to minimise picking errors, thereby ensuring precise order fulfilment.

Automated Lift System - The Hanel Rotomat, a vertical storage carousel by Industore

Security: Computer-controlled AS/RS ensures you’ll always know who took what, when and why – with full audit trails.
Inventory Control: Vertical lift systems provide real-time inventory visibility, reducing stockouts, overstocking, and enhancing order accuracy.
Safety and Reduced Costs: Automated storage reduces manual labour reliance and provides a safer work environment, delivering items ergonomically, reducing accidents or injuries.

Transforming Operations with Vertical Lifts (AS/RS):

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