Where globalisation once dominated, a significant shift is underway.  Thanks to VLM (vertical lift modules) by Industore, companies across various sectors are reevaluating their manufacturing strategies, and a clear trend emerging – the resurgence of domestic production.  Our world-leading technology, sometimes referred to as Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), are paving the way for businesses to reclaim control and flesh out their bottom line, right here in the UK.

Traditionally, offshoring manufacturing to Europe, and even into countries like China was driven by the allure of cheaper labour.  However, rising wages abroad, coupled with advancements in technology like vertical lift modules, Brexit and potentially Covid too, has diminished this once-enticing differential.  This paradigm shift has spurred a renaissance in local, domestic production – as companies strive to operate their manufacturing and enhance their distribution capabilities at home.  Take a look at Industore customer, CEJN’s case-study, who post-Brexit, enhanced their UK distribution centre’s capabilities with an Industore Lean-Lift complete with a warehouse management system (WMS).

Adoption of Industore’s vertical lift modules, is empowering a surge in productivity.  By utilising Industore’s Lean-Lifts (VLM) and Rotomats (automated carousel), businesses can store 100% of their products in just 20% of the space, significantly reducing overheads such as rent and storage.  Efficiency gains afforded by our hardware and WMS (warehouse management systems) enables companies to streamline operations with a fraction of the staff they once needed.  Swift, easy access to inventory enhances productivity and empowers businesses to take greater ownership of inventory, fostering agility and responsiveness in a world where response times and customer satisfaction is paramount.

Ross Powell, Industore's Managing Director comments on on VLM (vertical lift modules) and reshoring generally:


“Beyond the economic incentives, the resurgence of domestic manufacturing is underpinned by innumerable other drivers. The imperative for shorter production runs and rapid product iterations requires regional, domestic manufacturing and distribution capabilities.  Automated storage systems facilitate this agility, allowing companies to adapt swiftly to changing consumer demands and market dynamics.  Those companies with the courage to investigate reshoring, and vertical lift module (VLM) technology like our Lean-Lifts and Rotomats are the ones who will reap the rewards in the years ahead.”

Industore's Ross Powell on Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

As more people come to know about VLM technology and reshoring gains momentum, the UK will stand to benefit profoundly.  In the coming years, we will see revitalised local economies which will foster a renaissance of innovation and growth here in the UK, supplemented by the UK Government’s full expensing scheme – a tax incentive to encourage companies to invest in efficiency-improving technologies, such as Industore’s vertical lift modules. 

As the pendulum swings towards domestic manufacturing and distribution centres, automated storage and retrieval technology by Industore (AS/RS) will emerge as a cornerstone of this shift.  Empowering companies to maximise space utilisation, optimise efficiency and throughput, and reassert control of their supply chains.  Economic resurgence and prosperity awaits those with the courage to get in touch with Industore. 

VLM (vertical lift modules) with Industore: More information

Recent geopolitical events, such as supply chain disruptions and trade tensions, have underscored the vulnerabilities inherent in relying on overseas (particularly ‘far-flung’) production and distribution facilities.  Rotomats and Lean-Lifts mitigate these risks by offering a dependable and resilient storage solution, with accurate product selections and fast-throughput – reducing reliance on complex, precarious supply chains.

VLM: Industore's premiere vertical lift module, the Lean-Lift.

Industore’s Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (sometimes referred to as VLMs) enhance productivity by optimising space utilisation and providing swift access to inventory. They ensure safety by reducing the need for manual labour (such as use of forklifts or ladders) while retrieving access, by presenting items at an ergonomic height, always.  Lean-Lifts and Rotomats drive warehouse, workplace and distribution centre efficiency, throughput, and bottom lines by streamlining operations.  If you’re interested in discussing how your organisation can boost efficiency, get in touch.

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